“Be Innovative and Subdue Nature” – President Ugandans

Sunday 25th December 2016
President Yoweri Museveni has challenged the people of Uganda to initiate innovative measures in order to establish, control and have dominion over nature for the benefit of mankind.
Quoting the Bible’s Book of Genesis, he said: “God created and commanded man to establish dominion over nature. Man was created not to wait for God to provide but to subdue the earth. When I see Ugandans, l liken them to God’s image. I like Ugandans and Africans in general who have self-initiative for hard work; not to wait for ready things. They are exemplary in guiding their people into better ways of living on earth,”
The President, who was accompanied by First Lady, Janet Museveni, was this afternoon speaking to a congregation of Christians who attended this year’s Christmas prayers at St. Matthew Cathedral in Ntungamo Municipality, Ntungamo district in South Western Uganda.
He reminded Ugandans that when the National Resistance Movement (NRM) assumed power, its immediate attention was to rehabilitate, reconstruct and pioneer the development of infrastructure such as roads, schools, hospitals, electricity among others. He said that new roads in the country have been constructed and gave as an example the Ntungamo - Milama Hills, Ishaka - Kagamba, Ntungamo – Rukungiri and Mbarara - Isingiro roads, among others. Mr. Museveni commended the people of Ntungamo district for voting overwhelmingly the NRM back into power during the last Presidential and general elections.
“You had good vision during the voting exercise. With the development of these road networks built in the region, there was no cause for supporting the opposition. Stick to the truth,” Mr. Museveni emphasized.
Regarding the farming sector, the President assured the people of Ntungamo district in particular and Uganda in general of the NRM government commitment to supporting agriculture sector with irrigation scheme adding that the available rain patterns are no longer reliable. He said that people should learn how to treat long drought seasons to ensure that their crops are able to flourish. He advised farmers to install simple solar powered pumps for irrigation like the one used in Kandago,  Bukinda in Kabale district which was installed at Shs.60 million.
Mr. Museveni advised Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) officials to guide farmers on how to benefit from zero grazing of animals, the maximum utilization of small pieces of land by carrying out profitable intensive agriculture. He also strongly called on wananchi to fully appreciate the advantages of preserving the environment.
“Guard and protect natural water reservoirs and the wetlands to enhance and reinforce agriculture,” he said.
The First Lady and the Minister of Education and Sports, Hon. Janet Museveni thanked the clergy in the area for their good leadership in working with the people they lead. She urged them to continue guiding them on agricultural practices because, she noted, agriculture is the backbone of the area.
She also emphasized the parents the importance of packing food for their school going children.
“To send a child to school without food is a sin. There is no reason that can stop a parent from packing food. A child without food and nutrition cannot grow well. This tendency has led to school drop outs,” she observed.
The Bishop of South Ankole Diocese, the Rt. Rev. Nathan Ahimbisibwe, in a sermon castigated tendencies of laziness and said that people have to work hard to be able to eradicate household poverty. He appealed to Christians to struggle for spiritual enlightenment. He was to report that South Ankole diocese and Ntungamo area in general has so far attained a progressive and commendable track record on socio-economic transformation.