“Government to Enact Laws to Regulate acts that kill Working Culture” – President Museveni

Monday, May 1st, 2017
President Yoweri Museveni has disclosed that Government is going to enact laws to regulate activities like gambling, drinking alcohol, among others, as such activities have greatly contributed to the killing of the culture of work among the youth in the country.
The President was officiating at the International Labour Day celebrations held today at Kamuge Saza grounds in Pallisa district in Eastern Uganda. The celebrations ran under the theme ‘Building the Nation Through Good Work Ethics’.
 Mr. Museveni also warned public officials to stop soliciting bribes or else they will be reprimanded. He said that public officials who solicit are the enemies hindering the creation of industries by investors who would have created over 15 million jobs in the country. He reiterated that the public ought to be patriotic enough and report those involved in soliciting bribes as there is enough accommodation for them in Luzira prison.
“I will not wait to catch you red handed. I will audit you myself and catch you,” he warned.
Turning to food shortage in the country, the President said that the Government has taken relief to some of the areas that desperately needed help. He, however, cautioned politicians who had started pressuring the Government to stop using the food problem for politics. He advised the people that relief food must be used carefully to avoid making it disorient people and create a laziness attitude in them.
“I don’t want a stampede on this relief. We shall see where relief is most needed and send it,” he said.
Regarding the current crime rates in Kampala and other areas, the President assured Ugandans that the same NRM government that fought the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) and Joseph Kony cannot fail to defeat criminals who use boda bodas.
On agricultural production, President Museveni reminded the nation that Government is going to promote irrigation adding that different types of irrigation were already being demonstrated at Doho Rice Scheme and River Mpologoma in Eastern Uganda as well as around Lake Kyoga in Northern Uganda. He encouraged farmers to embrace the simple drip irrigation method that he is employing at the Presidential Demonstration Farms in Kawumu in Luweero district and in Kityerera in Mayuge district in Busoga Sub-Region.
During the celebrations, President Museveni decorated 143 recipients with different categories of medals in recognition of their exceptional service to the country in the past 50 years of Uganda’s independence.
The President also presented a dummy cheque of Shs. 252 million from the Women Fund to support over 492 women in their small entrepreneurship businesses like tailoring and weaving, among others.