“Two groups Against the Land Law” – President Museveni

Friday, 8th September 2017
President Yoweri Museveni has said that there are two groups of people who are against the proposed amendment to the Land Law.

The President, who was accompanied by the Deputy Attorney General, Hon. Mwesigwa Rukutana and State Minister for Housing, Hon. Chris Baryomunsi, made the remarks last evening at Spice FM radio station in Hoima Municipality where he was addressing the people of the area in particular and Uganda at large on land issues.

“There are two people in this fight against the amendment to the Land Law. These are thieves and those that are against the development of the country and want to stall government work,” he said.

The President noted that the opposition politicians are spreading falsehoods about the proposed Land Law because they do not want to see government working, as they will not have something to criticize it about when it is performing well.  He said the it is not true that government wants to grab people’s land as the opposition politicians are telling wananchi but rather ease government acquisition of land for development of public infrastructure such as roads, electricity and the railway.

He assured the listeners that the National Resistance Movement (NRM) government’s take on land is known as it was the first government to allow people own land and will not, therefore, turn around and say land belongs to government.

He explained that in the proposed amendment to the Land Law, government must acquire land after compensating the owner and where a landowner is discontented, he or she can appeal in order to get fair compensation but at the same time ensuring that public infrastructure projects are not stalled.

Citing the Kamwenge – Fort Portal road that he had commissioned earlier in the day, President Museveni said there are some greedy people who want to loot and stall government projects with the hope of being compensated more money.

“The Kamwenge road works got stalled when a one Kasangwa wanted a billion shillings for a quarter an acre and yet the piece of land had been valued at Shs. 89 million. The contractor had to change where the road would pass,” he said.

The President further said the amendment to the Land Law would allow discontented landowners to let government projects move on as they appeal for fair compensation. He revealed that during the construction of the Mpigi – Kanoni – Kabulasoke – Maddu – Ssemabule – Masaka road, government acquired 21 acres of his land in Gomba saying that he did not refuse government to acquire the land because he knew the road would be of use to him. Mr. Museveni said if the Uganda is to develop, it must allow infrastructure development such as factories.

“Stop fighting factories and saying again that the youth do not have jobs. You are the same people sending the youth to work in factories abroad and yet you are refusing these factories back home,” he said.

The President observed that although he has always fought for the construction of more factories so that the youth get jobs, time and again, he has been falsely accused of having shares in those factories. He asked the public to welcome factories adding that small countries such as South Korea and Japan have been able to develop because of factories.

“In the USA, only 2% of the population are into farming and the rest into manufacturing and factories,” he said.

He also asked people to desist from fighting factories on the premises of tribes or race saying that all Ugandans have freedom of movement and can set up factories anywhere they want as long as they acquire the land to do so.

“There are people who say that is an Indian factory but all factories in Uganda are Ugandan,” he said.

President Museveni also warned people against encroaching on forest reserves and swamps saying that the encroachment activities had greatly contributed to the long dry spells and drought in some areas of the country. He said the country has so many water bodies and government is going to secure pumps to promote irrigation. He also asked the media to inform and teach the public about the resultant dangers of swamp encroachment such as desertification.

“The media should teach the people that we need that water for irrigation. We do not want our country to become a desert,” he said.

On the issue of the forthcoming Local Council 1 elections, the President called upon Ugandans to participate in those lections and to vote for the NRM Party. He asked the voters to desist from voting along tribal lines but rather according to ability.

“There are so may refugees in Bunyoro and it is good that the Banyoro welcomed them but do not vote along tribal lines because you will lose out a lot,” he warned.