“Your Land is well Protected by the Constitution” – President Assures Ugandans

Thursday, 7th September 2017
President Yoweri Museveni has assured Ugandans that no one can grab their land because all land ownership matters in Uganda were clearly resolved by the 1995 constitution and the 1998 Land Act. He stressed that the current proposed amendment to the Land Law is to counter the selfish thieves that have been using the weakness within the law on compensation to fraudulently robe the country and also frustrate government fundamental programmes.
Speaking on the Fort Portal Municipality-based Voice of Tooro last evening, the President stressed that those who are spreading negative propaganda against the proposed land law amendment, are the enemies of Uganda. He noted that some are acting out of greed and corruption; thinking that once the law is amended, they will not be able to cheat the country through illicit compensation claims.
“Those who are rising up in arms against the amendment, are mere thieves, corrupt, enemies of Uganda who are just frustrating government programmes and must be exposed,” the President said.
“These are greedy parasites that are paralysing government programmes by demanding exorbitant compensations,” he added.
The President clarified that the current law is good and protects landowners but is not sufficient on compensation.
“The Law mentions fair and just compensation but cheating government can’t be fair or justified,” he said
The President warned that he will sue media houses and personalities that are in the habit of propagating lies and hate speech and wondered why the regulator, the Uganda Communications Commission is silent while media houses continue to go against the regulations.
Regarding the security situation in the Rwenzori Sub-Region, the President assured the people of the area that no one is capable of interrupting the existing peace in the area. He said that government is fully aware of the presence of the remnants of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) in neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) but said security is on full alert to repulse them if they step on Ugandan soil.
President Museveni thanked the people of the Rwenzori Sub-Region for supporting the Movement in last year’s General Elections. He appealed to them to vigilantly participate in the upcoming LC1 elections slate for November and ensure that only Movement people occupy those seats. He also asked the people of the newly created Bunyangabu District to vote for NRM candidates in the upcoming LC5 and Woman Member of Parliament elections.
On the reported rampant evictions of the Bibanja holders in the region, the President said that the 1995 constitution and the 1998 Land Law is very clear on the status of Bibanja holders and said that whoever is evicting them is doing it illegally. He, therefore, ordered the Resident District Commissioners in the Region to stop those illegal evictions.