Bugisu Leaders Commend President on land Sensitization

Thursday 05th October 2017
President Yoweri Museveni has received and held a meeting with Bugisu local leaders at the State Lodge in Mbale Municipality who commended and appreciated his taking off time from a busy schedule to sensitize the people of Uganda on issues pertaining to the proposed Land Amendment Bill.
The Bugisu local leaders who called on the President yesterday at the Mbale State Lodge in Mbale Municipality, Eastern Uganda, promised to continue spreading the President’s land sensitization message to their people.
Mr. Museveni explained to his visitors the government’s choice of the prioritized development programmes and informed them that the Movement chose to prioritize and start with the construction of roads adding that other areas, including building district hospitals, among others, would gradually be worked on.
“We may not do things all at ago. We have a plan but we need to go step by step,” he said.
The President called upon Resident District Commissioner (RDCs) to distribute copies of the National Budgets to the public and to local FM radios in their various areas of deployment to enable Ugandans access budgetary documents because they are public information that people are entitled to have.  He added that if this were carried out, people would understand why the Movement government puts more money in some areas like infrastructural development than in others.