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Response from Hon.Frank Tumwebaze

I have seen and read Hon Amama Mbabazi's letter to HE President Yoweri Museveni. Below is my brief response to some of its contents that I feel deserve a comment or two;

"Yes i have seen the letter. And As said earlier mbabazi is free to vie for any office be it in NRM or elsewhere. But he contradicts himself a great deal on many issues. Read more about Response from Hon.Frank Tumwebaze

EU Diplomats Should Respect Etiquettes

June, 9, 15                                             
Some diplomats from former colonial powers, Britain, Belgium, France, and Denmark accredited to Uganda have often found it difficult appreciating that Uganda, and indeed Africa is no longer their backyard dominions to kick around on matters of politics and culture. Their economies hitherto built on grand pillage too are also narrowing. Read more about EU Diplomats Should Respect Etiquettes


Many reporters called me this morning to give them a comment on the news of the Ugandan opposition and their other Partners forming an alliance against NRM and President for the coming elections. Below is the brief comment I gave out ; Read more about RESPONSE TO REPORTERS BY HON FRANK TUMWEBAZE

Response to the EU on Elections

I read with dismay an article that appeared in one of the local dailies of Monday the June 8, under the headline: EU casts doubt on credibility of elections. In the said article, the Head of the EU Delegation in Kampala was quoted to have said that "The Constitutional Amendment Bill did not meet our expectations. The proposals presented are cosmetic and do not address substantial issues. Civil society, clergy and public made a number of very good suggestions which were ignored". Read more about Response to the EU on Elections

Honoring Our Unknown Heroes in Unmarked Graves

June, 2, 15
This week President Barack Obama awarded two dead US World War 1 army heroes, a black and Jewish who were denied medals because of racial discrimination, the Medal of Honour, the highest military honor there, yet here we think 1986 is too far. Read more about Honoring Our Unknown Heroes in Unmarked Graves

The Useful Things Ugandans Don’t Learn

Africa Must Learn the Ways of The Wolves

May, 8, 15                    
Events of the last few weeks in Burundi may seem at first sight to be innocent political struggles by the citizens for genuine adherence to constitutionalism, democracy and the rule of law against their overbearing and greedy leaders. However, looking back to Western imperialism and Africa over the last five decades, we should not be surprised, that today’s penetration of Africa and its governments by Western foreign funded Non-Government Organisations is in vogue. Read more about Africa Must Learn the Ways of The Wolves

The Judiciary Should Not Gag the Public

RDCs, CAOs, DISOs, and police, Tighten Up

Uganda is not Nigeria, NRM Will Easily Win Elections