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Water is Life, Use it Wisely

By Josepha Jabo
 ‘Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink,’ so goes one of the stanzas in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, a poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. The poem recounts a sailor’s experience who, while lost at sea and suffering from thirst and dehydration, was surrounded by the ocean’s undrinkable saltwater. We do not realize how valuable water is until we do not have it. Read more about Water is Life, Use it Wisely


I regard myself as fairly well travelled.  Have I not visited the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the London Eye in UK and the Statue of Liberty in New York?  I have also savored the Sandy beaches of Barcelona and toured the Bay of Fundy, in Canada.  I cannot list the many wonders of the world I have seen. They are many and it was a privilege, but it’s a shame I know little about my Uganda, the Pearl of Africa.  Last week we sampled Lake Mburo and Queen Elizabeth National Parks.  We were amazed at the beauty, variety of wild game and the breath taking landscapes. Read more about PROMOTE LOCAL TOURISM

Mugisha Muntu’s Maths Don’t Add Up

Having been strangulated for the last three years, Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) President Maj. Gen. (rtd) Greg Mugisha Muntu on Monday emerged from the woods in an angry and dispirited tone to ‘unveil’ the “FDC Policy agenda for Uganda’s Leap Forward,” which got gullible supporters cheering. Unfortunately he didn’t provide figures and so we can’t add the maths. To “leap forward,” there must be a strong base, which NRM is building, and this four point leap policy is too little, too late. Read more about Mugisha Muntu’s Maths Don’t Add Up

Mao, Otunnu Bow out as Museveni Marches On


The report in The Times of London on 19th January that the richest one percent of the world own more than the rest combined together was a bit disconcerting.
I had just read the story of the clever but poor Ugandan boy  Samuel Otobi and his poor father Epiru.  Otobi was the only pupil that passed in Grade One in the whole of Gweri Sub county somewhere up there in Teso. But his Dad was contemplating to make him repeat P7 or withdrawing one of his elder brothers from School so Otobi could join Senior One! What a pain! Read more about WORLD POVERTY IS NOT RECEDING, OXFAM REPORT


Daily Monitor recently published the results of a poll conducted by internationally recognised pollsters Ipsos.  The poll put President Museveni ahead of the former Prime Minister AmamaMbabazi and any other possible candidate, giving the President a comfortable 57% of the vote if elections were held today.  It confirmed that the majority of Ugandans trust NRM and more so, their leader Yoweri Museveni than any other political group or contender. Read more about WHAT IS THE FUSS ABOUT DAILY MONITOR POLL?


Agriculture finds itself engrossed in a heated debate over genetically modified (GM) crops globally. This debate, which is not new - features scientists, politicians, economists and even religious leaders and others.  In order to gain more insights on what appears to be a complicated subject, Uganda Media Centre recently arranged a tour of NARO as well as the National Agricultural Research Laboratories at Kawanda and Namulonge. Read more about PASS NATIONAL BIOSAFETY BILL


On Wednesday February 04th, the Hon. Minister for Gender, Labour and Social Development issued a stern warning at Uganda Media Centre.  “Comply with Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) Act 2006 or we will close your business”.  This message goes out to all public and private workplaces who fail to adhere to the prescribed measures by February 28th, 2015. Read more about WAKE UP TO HEALTH & SAFETY AT WORK

Reinstate the Offence of Sedition in Uganda’s Law Books!

The recent scrapping of the Offence of Sedition (Section 39, 40 of the Penal Code Act) by Uganda’s Constitutional Court on, 25th August 2010, declared the Offence of Sedition as unconstitutional. By definition, sedition incites public hatred or disaffection to the Office of the President or the Government. What this ruling means is that it is now ‘acceptable’ to abuse the person of the President of the Republic. Read more about Reinstate the Offence of Sedition in Uganda’s Law Books!

The Paradox of ARVs in the AIDS Campaign

The New Vision, on Tuesday, November 8, 2011 reported in their story, ‘Makerere Starts Search for HIV Cure.’ This innovation being taken by Makerere University scientists and local herbalists to find a cure, in form of a herbal remedy, for HIV/AIDS is good news for people living with HIV/AIDS but it still has to be subjected to the rigorous scrutiny of any scientific research to prevent misguiding the populace. However, a positive outcome will provide a cheaper alternative to the expensive Anti-Retrovirals (ARVs) once the research is complete. Read more about The Paradox of ARVs in the AIDS Campaign