“Government to Divert roads’ Money to combat Hunger” – President Museveni

Sunday, 11th December 2016
President Yoweri Museveni has announced that the government is going to divert funds from the development of roads in order to address and combat hunger in the country.
“It’s not advisable to disrupt government programmes on development, especially on building the infrastructure like roads, education, health sectors and electricity. However, this diversion will take place as a mandatory measure in order to rescue people’s lives because they are crucial and are a mandatory obligation,” he said.
The President made the remarks yesterday while delivering a contingent of food relief of 600 bags of maize flour, 300 bags of beans to the famine stricken people of Nawampiti fish landing and Nawaikoke villages of Bukamba Sub-County, Bulamogi North West Constituency in Kaliro district, Busoga Sub-Region. The President informed a public rally at Lugonyola Primary School grounds that the government budget for food relief to assist people facing famine has affected infrastructure development by postponing some programs. This is not a good working method. However, government was prompted to intervene to save lives”.
He identified the major causes of famine among Ugandans as laxity by wananchi to grow long drought resistant crops like cassava, lack of granaries for crops’ storage, having no wealth creation projects at household level and saving money in banks.
“I appeal to you to learn from the mistakes of the past. Let’s plan better. We are going to be more active,” he said.
The President assured Ugandans that government is ready to address the issue of irrigation as the rains patterns and distribution continue to affect many regions of the entire country. He said that government is going to use Nawampiti and Nawaikoke areas in Kaliro district to install a pilot irrigation scheme using solar water pumps for all the surrounding areas to benefit.  He challenged people that while it is important to consider national development as a priority, it is more important to realize wealth creation at house hold level on four-acre pieces of land for people that have small pieces of land.
Mr. Museveni thanked the people of Busoga Sub-Region for voting NRM massively both in the Presidential and Parliamentary elections
“Voting for NRM contributed to the stability of the country. Having stability in place has enabled the government to enhance national development as you have seen.  Many parts of Busoga now have electricity, new schools have been built, roads have been constructed, government is also going to put a ferry at Bukungu. Mbulamuti ferry linking Kayung and Busoga and another one on Nsaka are done. Kaliro district must get a government hospital,” he pledged.
The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Country Representative, Rosa Malango, who tavelled with the President pledged to work with the people of the region to address drought and food security issues and also look at irrigation demonstration innovations as well as revamp agricultural industry in the area.
The Minister for Presidency, Esther Mbayo, encouraged people in the region to grow food alongside commercial crops like sugarcanes the weather conditions changes notwithstanding.
“The problem in Busoga Region is that there are 10 districts all engaged in sugarcane growing as a source of income all the year round to feed 8 sugar processing factories. No more food crops are being grown. Busoga is no longer a national food basket,” she observed.
Among other dignitaries present included State Minister for Cooperatives, Gume Frederick Ngobi and Kaliro district officials.