“Promote Wealth, Development Through Industries”

Tuesday, 23rd August 2016
President Yoweri Museveni has called on Mayors throughout the country to promote wealth and development through industries. The President made the call yesterday while addressing an extraordinary meeting of the Urban Authorities Association of Uganda at Ntare School in Mbarara Municipality, South Western Region.
The meeting that was held under the theme ‘Local Government Capacity Programme’, attracted Mayors, Town Clerks, Chairpersons of Divisions, Town Councilors, Heads of Finance and Speakers from all over the country.
“The Mayors should promote wealth and development through industries. Towns must be gradually reversed from merely having shops and steps be taken to establish industries,” he said.
The President noted that towns that are based on shops employ very few people. He, therefore, stressed that those towns must be reoriented to appreciate the need to work on the establishment of industrial parks and promotion of artisan skills. Mr. Museveni tasked the members of the Urban Authorities Association of Uganda to attract investors to set up industries and create employment in their various areas. He emphasized that the country should diversify in order to ensure the creation of more employment opportunities. He also called on them to plan well and build town roads. He said the Government is procuring more road construction equipment to ensure a good road network throughout Uganda.
He also reminded them to use low cost materials while erecting pavements along town roads with the aim of controlling dust in the urban areas. The President reminded the meeting of the crucial necessity of water supply in towns as well as provision of tap water points to serve poor communities. Mr. Museveni impressed upon the members the major role of ICT networks.
Regarding remuneration, the President revealed to the meeting that Government will address their request for better salaries as soon as major national projects such as roads, electricity, NAADS, defence, innovation, women and youth funds have been addressed. He stressed that salaries of Government workers cannot be increased at the expense of the development of essential sectors.
President Museveni challenged urban authorities in the country to solve the challenge of rubbish collection and management in urban areas.  He observed that whereas 4% of Uganda’s population lived in urban areas by 1986, the current statistics show that the figure is 18%. He stressed that although this is a positive development, the trend calls for the operationalization of well-planned towns.
Pledging a contribution of Shs.200 million towards the construction of the Urban Authorities’ House, President Museveni called on the leaders to spend more time talking and promoting wealth creation and jobs in their respective Municipalities and towns. He informed the meeting that there are five main employment sectors – commercial agriculture, artisan and large-scale industries, services, ICT and Public Service. He said that these sectors must be tapped into to create wealth and cause development in the country. He reminded the meeting that 80% of the solutions towards development embedded in the wealth creation project.
Addressing the meeting, State Minister for Lands, Hon. Persis Namuganza revealed that the members of the Urban Authorities Association of Uganda have strongly identified corruption as one of the major hindrances in national development and resolved to confront the vice head on.
The Chairman of the Association and Mayor of Jinja Municipality, Hajji Mujib Batambuze commended the President and the Movement for constructing several markets in the urban areas adding that the facilities have enabled women and the urban poor to generate income. He requested for more road construction equipment for all Urban Authorities in the country.
The Mayor of Mbarara Municipality, Mr. Robert Kakyebezi Mugabi saluted President Museveni for providing infrastructure to Mbarara Municipality. He revealed that Mayors are fully committed to transforming Uganda, as per Government plan, to a middle-income country by 2020.
Earlier, the President made a guided tour of Ngabo Academy and commissioned the Department of Technology that is slated to enable the institution undertake science subjects and embark on other related innovations.
Captain Bashaija, who is Director of the Academy, welcomed the President to the institution.  
The President also made a stop over-over in Mbarara Municipality and thanked the residents for their hard work on top of supporting the NRM Government.