Misleading Stories and Announcements that Claim that the President has Cleared Hon Amama Mbabazi

Press release

Misleading stories and announcements that claim that the President has cleared  Hon Amama mbabazi to go on with his Country wide political activities;

The Presidency has noted with concern the misleading reports in form of paid for announcements sent to various electronic media channels  and currently running on air, claiming that President Museveni has  cleared Hon Amama Mbabazi's planned country wide political tours aimed at popularizing his prospective candidature. This is to clearly state that those reports are false, misleading and intended to interfere with the lawful work of the authorized agencies. The duty to regulate public and political gatherings and assemblies is not and has never been the mandate of the President.  It's the duty of the police and not any other. Even the President of Uganda with his constitutional immunity cannot convene a rally in a market or a busy trading street like Kampala road. He has to be guided by security.  That is why before the President visits  any place, his security advance team,  works in consultation with the police and other security actors  on the ground like RDC, to agree on a suitable location that does not compromise  the smooth  running of other peoples's businesses. Meaning that the President is also regulated.

Please treat those reports as totally false and a concoction of those actors looking desperately for public attention

Frank Tumwebaze, MP
Minister in charge of the Presidency and Kampala

Frank Tumwebaze, MP
Minister in Charge of the Presidency and Kampala Capital City, Government of Uganda