President Commends Amanya family for not Letting down Parents

Sunday, 18th December 2016
President Yoweri Museveni has commended the newly wedded couple, Mr. Amanya Katabarwa and Ms. Olivia Kobusingye, for not letting down their respective parents who supported them from childhood until the time they have married.
“I must thank the children themselves for not letting us down because you can support children but they can turn up to be nothing,’’ he said.
The President was speaking at the wedding reception of Mr. Amanya Katabarwa and Ms. Olivia Kobusingye that took place last night at Lake Victoria Serena Resort, Kigo off Kampala – Entebbe highway.
Mr. Amanya Katabarwa is the son of the late Sam Katabarwa and Ambassador Norah Katabarwa.  Mrs. Olivia Kobusingye is the daughter of Mr. Fred Gyezaho who is an administrator in State House and the late Margaret Gyezaho.
The President commended Ambassador Norah Karabarwa for her efforts in the upbringing of the children after the death of their father the late Sam Katabarwa who was an officer in the then National Resistance Army (NRA).
“I want to thank Norah for bringing up these children although we were at the back ground supporting them. I really thank her and salute her. She is always a very good worker,” the President said.
The President equally congratulated the children of Mr. Gyezaho for not letting down their parents.
President Museveni the guests that the late Sam Katabarwa was killed in a treacherous way by the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) led government in 1984 when he came as a delegate to meet in Uganda the late Paul Mwanga to dialogue with the UPC government on behalf of the National Resistance Movement (NRM).
Mr. Museveni described the late Sam Katabarwa as a brilliant young NRA officer who died at a very early age. He expressed gladness that God helped NRA to revenge the death of Katabarwa by defeating the UPC government.
“I am glad that God helped us to revenge the death of Katabarwa, in a big way, by kicking out UPC from government. Those who killed a delegate were double ashamed. NRA continued with the struggle and defeated UPC. They thought he would be forgotten but his son has married a wife which shows that those who trust in God cannot be let down by Him,” he pointed out.
Mr. Fred Gyezaho, father of the bride, thanked the President and the First Lady for supporting them in various ways. He commended relatives for their invaluable support in the upbringing of Ms. Olivia Kobusingye.
Ambassador Norah Katabarwa, on her part, thanked President Museveni for supporting her and her family that enabled them to take care of the children. She urged the newly wed couple to build their home on the foundation of Jesus Christ. ENDS