President Promotes Operation Wealth Creation in Luweero Triangle

Sunday 30th October 2016
President Yoweri Museveni has called on the people of Luwero Triangle in particular and all Ugandans at large to be fully committed to efforts geared towards the creation of wealth in all households.
The President made the call yesterday when he addressed a rally in Kangavve village, Makulubita Sub-County in Katikamu South Constituency Luweero district.
“I have come here to do a follow up of Operation Wealth Creation. I will move from house to house to monitor the progress and guide on the way forward in efforts to ensure that wealth is created in all the homesteads,” he said.
The President told the rally that the NRM freedom fighters were compelled to launch the protracted people’s armed struggle in order to eliminate the bad policies and acts of killing wananchi by the past regimes. He, therefore, reiterated that he and the NRM are fully committed to eradicating household poverty throughout the country. He informed the rally that to enable the people work on household income, the wananchi need to carry out accurate calculations before embarking on their production ventures.
He strongly cautioned the residents of Luweero Triangle against the vice of land fragmentation noting that it is a recipe for poverty. He said that a good number of families have suffered from the vice of land fragmentation upon the death of their family heads.
President Museveni said that under an arrangement where a family owns 4 acres of land, the members could allocate one acre to the cultivation of coffee, another acre to fruit growing and the third acre could cater for pasture for exotic cows while the fourth acre would be dedicated to the growing of food items such as bananas, cassava, etc. He observed that if families follow this guideline, the people will have the opportunity of earning between Shs. 11 million to 18 million per annum.
The President urged wananchi to rear exotic cows for increased milk yields, poultry for eggs and fish farming for those who live close to wetlands. He assured the people of Uganda that the NRM Government is fully resolved to transform the National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) programme by deploying UPDF Officers with a view to promoting Operation Wealth Creation. He announced that the Government would, annually, facilitate 35 homes per village out of approximately 200 homes by providing the selected homes with seeds such as coffee, tea or cocoa to promote the Operation Wealth Creation project.
President Museveni pledged to walk from one home to another in order to mobilize wananchi to fully embrace household income projects. He revealed that the walk would take him through the Luweero Triangle adding that the main focus is the promotion of coffee and fruits growing. “I have come here to eradicate poverty from your homes,” he declared.
He said Luweero is the Mecca and Rome of NRM adding that he looks forward to people travelling from various parts of Uganda to witness the progress in Luweero.
The President said that the NRM Government has made a big impact in 6 main areas and cited peace in Uganda and the unity of all the citizens; national infrastructure development especially roads; progress in household income and provision of health services. He also said that NRM has persisted in the provision of employment through the promotion of farming and industries.
Mr. Museveni revealed that during the first season of 2016, the Government distributed 328,000 coffee seedlings that have covered 730 acres. He pledged to visit the farmers who benefited from the grants within Operation Wealth Creation. He assured the rally and Ugandans in general that there are sufficient funds to address the needs of farmers.
President Museveni was welcomed to the area by the Minister of State for Luweero Triangle, Hon. Galabuzi Dennis Ssozi.