President says Buyende District to Get Ferries to ply on Lake Kioga

Sunday 04th March 2018
President Yoweri Museveni has revealed to the people of Buyende district in Busoga Sub-Region that their area will soon receive 2 or 3 ferries will ply on Lake Kioga in order to solve their transportation challenges on Lake Kioga.
“I want to tell you that every project requires money so we prioritize because we cannot do all of the projects at once. (Akwata empola atuuka waala). The ferry plans are already available,” he said.
The President was addressing wananchi at the thanksgiving service for Buyende Woman Member of Parliament, Hon. Kadogo Babirye Veronica that took place yesterday at Buyende Township Primary School playgrounds in Budiope West Constituency, Busoga Sub-Region in Eastern Uganda. Parliamentary Speaker, Rt. Hon. Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga and Chief Whip Hon, Ruth Nankabirwa, among others, attended the function.
The President used the same occasion and advised leaders in fishing communities to come together and start solving their own challenges amicably. He said that they are more knowledgeable about the fishing trade and are better placed to appreciate the industry's challenges more than UPDF soldiers.
“I sent soldiers there because those concerned did not know how to do their work. Soldiers are not experts in fishing. They are meant to fight but I deployed them because all had failed,” said Mr. Museveni.
Mr. Museveni assured the people of Buyende district that the NRM Government will avail milk coolers to some of them after a careful survey has been carried out so that those wananchi who are heavily involved in selling milk using cans can be assisted to increase their household incomes on top of the 4-acre production model.
Turning to the health sector, the President said that government would reinvigorate the campaign against eye diseases in the area that are easily treatable.
President Museveni castigated school leaders who were still levying fees on students under the Universal Secondary Education (USE) programme. He said that under the programme, the only thing parents were required to do is to pack lunch for their children.
"Those who charge fees must stop. When you make people pay, you are distorting our plans. Those who want to pay should go to private schools or big government schools that charge fees. Parents should pack food for their children food,” he said.
Regarding the roads sector, the President assured the people of Buyende that the Kamuli – Bukungu road is going to be tarmac adding that government had started the construction of new Namayengo – Busia road.
Mr. Museveni thanked the people of Buyende district for continuously supporting the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and also for voting Hon. Kadogo Babirye Veronica. He offered Shs.20 million to the Buyende women's Savings and Credit Cooperative Organization (SACCO( and to the Youth Cooperative.
Earlier, President Museveni commissioned a newly constructed Buyende District administration block, a new borehole and pipe water system under the Ministry of Water and Environment. He also performed a ground breaking ceremony for Vonita, a budding factory in Buyende district that produces petroleum jelly, bar and liquid soap.
Later, President Museveni presided over a fundraising drive for 30 Savings Cooperatives organized by Hon. Dhamuzungu Geoffrey Member of Parliament for Budiope East Constituency in Buyende district.
During the function that took place at Nabitula Primary School playgrounds, Mr. Museveni contributed Shs. 50 million with a cash payment of Shs.20 million.
The President pledged to avail 1,400 roofing iron sheets and cement to the 30 cooperatives to help in the construction of their working building. ENDS