Response to Daily Monitor

In the Sunday edition of the Monitor Newspaper, of 19th July, 2015, an inaccurate report appeared on page 4 under the headline “IGG to probe Shs. 400m security deal for Kadaga”.  It went on to say that “On November, 26, 2012, the Rt. Hon. Speaker Rebecca Kadaga approved the purchase of an ICT Detection Kit to guard against threat to her life from bombs and explosives; that was allegedly withdrawn and shared.
We would like to inform the public that the story was full of inconsistencies and want to correct it as follows:-
That, the Rt. Hon. Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga, is a Very Very Important Person (VVIP) whose security is of paramount significance.  Following emerging challenges to her security, it was found necessary to upgrade her security detail to counter these threats by effectively equipping it with additional safety features.
It is against this background that the request was forwarded to the police which has conducted several classified expenditures on behalf of parliament. Just like in previous classified expenditures by the police for parliament, the procurement was conducted within the budget approvals of parliament and the provisions of the PPDA. The details of this transaction may not be divulged as the commitments are of interest to National Security.

It is also important to note, that the procurement was for Uganda shillings 200 million only and not Ugx.400 million as alleged.  This money was wired directly to the suppliers account upon clearance by the Auditors who in their engagements focused on accountability, integrity, economy, efficiency and effectiveness of the procurement. This was sufficient proof that the procurement was lawful and principled.
As police we appreciate the concerns raised by whistleblowers, however, not all whistleblower claims are accurate or helpful especially where their motivations cloud their judgments.
It is against this background that we do invite the reporter to carry out due diligence to ensure all items specified were procured and delivered, as professional investigative journalism dictates.    
CP Fred Enanga
Press and Public Relations Officer
Uganda Police
20th July 2015