Support NRM’s Kyabagu” – President urges Kalungu District Voters

Tuesday, 29th August 2017
President Yoweri Museveni has urged the people of Kalungu district to support and vote for the National Resistance Movement candidate Mr. Kyabaggu Richard in the upcoming bye-elections for the LC5  Chairmanship slated for Friday this week reminding them that the NRM is a time tested political group which delivers on promise and does not believe in mere political propaganda.
Addressing separate campaign rallies at Kalungu catholic church in Kalungu town council, Kalungu East county and at Bwesa primary school play grounds in Rwabenge sub-county in Kalungu west county this afternoon, President wondered why Ugandans would vote candidates of the parties like the Democratic Party that has been tested and failed to deliver.
The Kalungu LC5 seat fell vacant after the high court nullified the election of Mr. Kyabaggu Richard the NRM candidate who had won the seat in last year’s general election on grounds of electoral malpractices.
The President clarified that the Movement government delivers on promise through prioritisation and said that it was wrong for opposition politician to lie to the public that all government programs could be implemented at the same time. He added that by focusing on lies opposition politicians risked plunging the country into confusion but promised that the NRM will demystify their lies.
“I supported Democratic Party from the 1960 to 1970 but the party could not safeguard our independence and democracy because they could not understand the best way to run the country and the threats posed by the political actors of the time. That’s how the party lost it’s valuable leader Benidicto Kiwanuka at the hands of Amin in the government he served” he said.
“Even after the overthrow of Idi Amin we urged the Democratic Party leadership that we join hands and form one strong party that would unite the country but they rejected our advice and that’s how they lost the 1980 election which they had genuinely and deservedly won” he added.
On development, the President said that Kalungu district has  made great strides in the education sector with 84 government aided primary schools, 2o government aided secondary schools and noted that government has finalised plans to build 2 tertiary institutions in the 2 counties that make Kalungu district.
On electricity the President said that government has secured a loan that will see most of Kalungu connected to the national grid. He urged the electorate to ignore politicians who have turned electricity distribution in the district into a political matter noting that they specialise in politicking while the NRM works.
The President used the occasion to urge the people of Kalungu especially the youth to do away with illegal fishing methods that have seen the Ugandan lake depleted of fish costing the country it’s lucurative economic activity.
He instructed the agricultural ministry to help the youth to put up fish ponds that they would manage on their own and earn a living that being engaged in overfishing and fishing of pre-mature fish that put them on cross roads with law enforcement officers. He urged all leaders and supporters to do away with their differencies and join hands behind the Movement candidate.
On his Mr. Kyabaggu Richard appealed to the electorate to vote him in order to deliver and accomplish the NRM pleadges in the manifesto that he had started on. He thanked President Museveni for supporting him during the campaign and pledged his loyality to the party.