The Police on Thursday, 16th July, 2015, conducted an operation in Katanga, Wandegeya, and arrested a youth activist, Kaggwa Vincent, under a pre-emptive arrangement to curtail him from acts allegedly intent on disrupting peace during the IDD celebrations on Friday, 17th July, 2015. The youth group had planned to distribute materials with electoral significance to Muslims participating in the IDD prayers at selected Mosques and other Muslim worship centers within Kampala.
It is in the interest of preserving peace and safety, and because the threat of the breach was imminent, the Police, objectively and with reasonable cause arrested and detained him at the Central Police Station in Kampala, to stop and or prevent breach of peace during the IDD prayers. More so, the youth group had not sought the permission from the respective Imam’s to organize activities at the Mosques.
I want to confirm to the public, that the suspect has this morning been released from Police custody, after establishing that the risk from their intent to disrupt prayers and also attack our Police Post in Kalerwe was sufficiently removed.

CP Fred Enanga
Press and Public Relations Officer
Uganda Police