“Lets lift our Nation in Prayer against COVID19,” President

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

ENTEBBE, STATE HOUSE: President Yoweri Museveni has called on Ugandans to lift our nation in prayer and ask for Gods protection off all Ugandans against the Coronavirus disease.

In a message to all Christians in Uganda on the eve of the occasion of commemorating the annual Martyr’s day celebrations held on June 3rd at Namugongo, the President said the religious practice of gathering in Namugongo for special prayers will not take place this year because of the deadly Corona virus disease which has spread to the entire globe.

“This virus has the potential of spreading like bush fire once it finds large groups of people near each other. We must continue to deny it this opportunity by praying from our homes as we have been doing over the last two months,” he said.

Christians were due to celebrate the annual Martyrs day that would have seen thousands of pilgrims from around the world gathering at the Catholic and Protestant shrines for prayers.

The President said Uganda Martyrs have been celebrated over the years for their heroic display of courage by refusing to denounce their faith even in the face of violent persecution and death

“The example of their fortitude and endurance has helped to plant the Kingdom of God in the hearts of men and women across the globe.

In his message President Museveni the story of the Uganda Martyrs clearly illustrates what the Lord Jesus Christ said about the mustard seed in the book of Matthew Chapter 13 Verses 31 to 32 that captures the eternal role the Uganda Martyrs played in the spread of Christianity in Uganda, Africa and the rest of the world.

“Through the Uganda Martyrs we realize that, the bold decisions that have changed societies have usually been championed by visionary people with great resolve and focused missions. The story of the National Resistance Movement in liberating Uganda from wrong politics and economic stagnation has plausible similarities to the actions of the Martyrs,” he said.

Commenting on the relationship between the Church and government, President Museveni noted that the government would keep supporting the work of the Church and will remain dedicated to eradicating poverty, illiteracy, disease, hunger, general backwardness, and to maintain peace and security.