Thursday, November 30, 2023

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has revealed that most of the problems that affect Ugandans are caused by leaders.

According to the President, if the leaders are transparent, many problems affecting the citizens would not be in existence.

“The fact of the matter is all the problems are caused by the leaders. The corruption, the sectarianism, among others, all of them are done mainly by the leaders. I know that is the fact. If the leaders are straight, many problems would be solved,” he said.

The President made the remarks today during the 4th anniversary celebrations of the Almighty Papa Elohim Church in Anyara, Kalaki District. The Church, which was officially opened in 2019 by President Museveni, is headed by the Deputy Chief of Defense Forces, Lt. Gen. Peter Elwelu.

President Museveni noted that ordinary people have their own problems like witchcraft but if leaders are straight and clear, all issues would be addressed.

He therefore commended Lt. Gen. Elwelu for the interesting pillars in his religious efforts that involve ordinary people praying for their leaders for revival and salvation. 

“First of all, he speaks the obvious that God is not a Catholic, not a Protestant, not a Muslim, not a Seventh Day Adventist, not a Mulokole, He is God. So, you wonder why people spend so much time on denomination differences and they forget the fact that their denominations are our own interpretations which are alright but they should not use them to obscure the real situation which is God. I heard him emphasising that when he was speaking here and when we were in the House of Prayer. That is his pillar number one which I find very interesting,” he asserted.

“From the beginning, that is how the NRM deferred from the other groups. In 1965 we formed this fourth line away from DP which was for Catholics, UPC for the Protestants and Muslims and Kabaka Yekka for the Baganda. We said no, for us we are not after the politics of identity, we are after the politics of interest that can help the people. I find what Gen. Elwelu says interesting.”

The President also urged the people of Teso to fight poverty and create wealth through commercial agriculture like grazing cows, fruit farming mainly mangoes and oranges, then cassava both for home consumption and selling, fishing and Poultry.

The Vice President, H.E Jessica Alupo thanked the President for the investments the government has put up in Teso Subregion like the establishment of good roads, electricity, Parish Development Model (PDM), Emyooga, among others.

“I would like to assure the people of Teso that in areas which require further interventions from government especially in service delivery, we the leaders of this region together with His Excellency the President who has always listened to our voice, that step by step we shall continue responding to the remaining challenges that we have in the region.”

The Vice President further thanked Lt. Gen. Elwelu for inviting them together as leaders and locals to interact with God, before urging everyone to always pray because prayer transcends all other powers.

Lt. Gen. Elwelu thanked President Museveni for coming to pray with the people as they commemorate four years since The House of Almighty Elohim was established.

Lt. Gen. Elwelu told the President that The House of Almighty Elohim is his home, and he is welcome any time he wants to come.

“There's no religion here, here there is freedom of heaven; we are one, we are God's children so here we don't segregate. This is a place for everybody. This place Your Excellency is your house with God. I'm just a caretaker of this place. Anytime you feel like coming here don't even tell me, just come because this is your ground.”

The ceremony was also attended by Ministers, Members of Parliament, Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) officers, religious and cultural leaders, among others.