“NRM works to find Solutions for Country” - President to Ugandans

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

President Yoweri Museveni has appealed to the people of Uganda to continue supporting the National Resistance Movement as the Movement has distinguished itself for never engaging in petty politicking and propaganda but works to find solutions to the country’s challenges and her citizens. 

Mr. Museveni who is also the National Chairman of the National Resistance Movement was today addressing a campaign rally at Mbaraara Primary School grounds in Kitoba Sub-County of Bugahya County, Hoima District on the second day of canvassing support for the NRM flag bearer for Hoima District Woman MP. The by-election is due on Thursday 26th September 2019. He told thousands of NRM supporters at the rally that politics is about finding solutions to people’s needs adding that that has been main pre-occupation of the Movement since it got into leadership of the country.

He said that to develop Uganda, NRM had had to work on national unity that has in turn brought about peace in the entire nation. He noted that peace has made the Movement gain popular support all over the country leading to the Party winning successive elections. He observed that this trend has enabled the NRM government stay longer in leadership affording them a chance to develop the country.

“We taught Ugandans the importance of unity and reminded them that what was important was getting the leadership that can solve the problems of Uganda because the development needs of Ugandans are the same no matter one’s tribe, religion or political affiliation,” he said

“We equally told the masses that those preaching sectarianism were your enemies and enemies of Uganda which made most of the old parties that were founded on sectarian grounds very unpopular while strengthening the Movement,” he added.

The President informed the jubilant supporters that with the great strides the country has made under the time tested track record of the National Resistance Movement; it was wise that Ugandans continue to support NRM for irreversible development.

Mr. Museveni further asked the electorate in Hoima District and Ugandans in general to always look at people’s leadership capabilities and the agenda of the political group one belongs to. He noted that someone may have personal inabilities but if he or she belongs to a group with a clear ideology, he or she will be helped to offer the right leadership to his area. 

“If you vote an NRM cadre like Mrs. Businge Harriet, you are not voting that person perse but you are voting for the party and its an act of self-support as a citizen because you are voting for an organization that will find solutions for your problems,” he noted.  

Mr. Museveni added that although government has worked on development infrastructure such as roads, electricity, schools and health centres, the citizens needed to utilize them and work to get rid of poverty out of their households.

On education, he castigated the continued levying of fees in UPE and USE schools and appealed to local leaders to ensure that this is halted. He also asked the population to focus on preventive measures, as most of the diseases are preventable.