Friday, March 18, 2022

NALI, KYANKWANZI: President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has said that the government is now focusing on getting all Ugandans out of poverty through the Parish Development Model.

"We want these 39% of the people who are still working for the stomach to get out and also work for the pockets. They must get out. Everybody must work for the benefit of his family," Museveni said. 

The President was speaking at the National Leadership Institute in Kyankwanzi district while closing a week-long Orientation retreat of Uganda’s Ambassadors and High Commissioners.

In February 2022, Government of Uganda launched the Parish Development Model (PDM) in Kibuku district to lift the 39% of Uganda’s population from the subsistence to money economy.

Areas of focus include Agriculture, livestock, poultry and fish farming among others. Government intends to inject Uganda shillings 100 million per Parish to implement the model which will focus on Production, Storage, Processing and Marketing. It will also include infrastructure and economic services, financial inclusion, Social Services, Mindset change and Parish Based Management Information System, Governance and Administration.

Museveni said after solving this internal problem and paying scientists better, the government will then consider effectively supporting its foreign missions.

"Then if there's some money remaining we can see how to support other sectors including Foreign Affairs. It is not that we don't want, but we can’t do everything at a go. That's the issue," the President stressed. 

This after the Minister for Foreign Affairs Gen Abubakar Jeje Odongo informed the President that the Ministry continues to face severe funding constraints, which makes it difficult to deliver on its mandate. Gen Odongo said for example the country is now unable to attend meetings of the joint Permanent Commissions with their African counterparts which provide a unique forum to among other things negotiate for a greater market access for our goods and services.

"The Ministry of foreign Affairs is contributing in a tangible way to the economic development of our country. It is my humble view that it deserves reclassification," Gen Odongo said.

The President reminded the Ambassadors about the story of the National Resistance Movement which he said "is a mission oriented story," anchored on three points of; Creating Prosperity for the people of Uganda, creating strategic security and fraternity among the African people.

"There's no way Uganda can be alright if the rest of Africa is not alright. The work of the Ambassadors should be part and partial of the four (4) principles of the NRM" which are; Patriotism, Pan-Africanism, Social Economic Transformation and Democracy, “ he said. 

On Strategic Security, Mr Museveni gave an example of Uganda's deployment in the Democratic Republic of the Congo which he said was done in the spirit of Pan Africanism to bring about peace in the region. 

"Africa cannot be secure if we cannot work together. We in the NRM, we have always emphasized the oneness of Africa," he said.

Minister Gen Jeje Odongo informed the President that Uganda was last month (February) elected to the African Union Peace and security council for a two year term.

"Our election was a recognition of our Pan African credentials and also the important contribution that Uganda has played and continues to play in regional peace and stability," Gen Jeje Odongo said.

The Director NALI, Brig Gen Charles Kisembo said the retreat enhanced the synergies and cohesion required for "significant effect as they pursue political, commercial and economic diplomacy"

According to the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Foreign Affairs Vincent Bagiire, the Ambassadors and High Commissioners were equipped with knowledge in different areas that include; Ideology and leadership philosophy, civil military relations, the harnessing of resources for empowerment and prosperity, logic as a tool for understanding reality, tourism opportunities in the country, commercial and economic diplomacy, the NRM Manifesto, national development plan III, Investment opportunities in the country, Digital and cyber diplomacy and the role of foreign service in maintenance of stability in the face of terrorism. 

Later, the Ambassadors and High Commissioners will visit Kapeeka industrial park and the Presidential farm in Kawumu