Wednesday, December 1, 2021


(1)Noted that the World Aids Day will be commemorated on the Wednesday, 1st December 2021 under the theme “End Stigma, End Aids, End Pandemics” and that the day is intended to create awareness on self-reflection on individual and collective resolutions to end stigma and pandemics.

(2)Approved the National Transport and Logistics Policy, 2021 with the following expected outcomes:

(i)A well-developed Multi-Modal Transport connectivity system for Uganda’s Development;

(ii)Increased competitiveness of Uganda in the National, Regional and International Markets;

(iii)Developing a National Construction Industry and encouraging Local Content and Private Sector participation in the Transport Sector;

(iv)Creating an efficient and competitive Transport and Logistics Regional hub;

(v)A reduced reliance on foreign Technical Services and consultancies for infrastructure design, construction and maintenance;  

(vi)Increased Transport Services innovations due to research and development.

(3)Noted that the International Anti–Corruption Day will be commemorated on Thursday, 9th December 2021 under the theme “Promoting Active Participation in Social Accountability” and the day is intended to increase Citizen’s awareness about their responsibilities and empower them in their right of access to public information for effective monitoring of service delivery and to provide information on Government’s efforts in fighting corruption.

(4)Approved the Social Impact Assessment and Accountability Bill, 2021 which will:

(i)Provide for Social Impact Assessments and Accountability as a regulatory tool in planning and implementation of planned interventions;

(ii)Provide for Social Risk Management in infrastructure development projects;

(iii)Provide for the requirement of private parties and Government to effectively and efficiently conduct Social Impact Assessments for planned interventions;

(iv)Provide for Social Impact Bonds;

(v)Provide for Social Accountability for planned interventions;

(vi)Provide for the national Social Registry;

(vii)Regulate the standards and processes of social impact assessments;

(viii)Provide for Social Impact management plans and Social Impact Assessment Reports;

(ix)Guide the operation of Social Enterprise Businesses and Innovations; 

(x)Provide for inclusive and equitable Social Protection Systems;

(xi)Provide for enforcement of this Social Impact Assessment and Accountability Act and other related matters;

(xii)Establish a Secretariat from within the Ministry including other Sister Agencies and Professional Bodies that deal with social impact assessment and accountability issues.

(5)Noted the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review (INIR) Mission to the Republic of Uganda with the following expected outcomes: 

(i)Increased awareness of the requirements for construction of the first Nuclear Power Plant by all national stakeholders;

(ii)Enhanced Technical assistance towards the development of the Nuclear Power infrastructure from the International Atomic Energy Agency and other Development Partners;

(iii)Increased readiness towards construction and operation of the first Nuclear Power Plant.