Monday, January 28, 2019

Cabinet sat on Monday January 28, 2019 at State House Entebbe, and;


1.Noted the Wealth Creation Initiatives under State House which 

Supports a number of Presidential Initiatives aimed at stimulating, production and productivity, employment as well as Socio – Economic transformation among Ugandans. The specific interventions include; these include;

(i)The Poverty Alleviation Initiatives, which involves establishing model villages and demonstration farms;

(ii)Skilling the Girl  Child Project ;  

(iii)Support to the Youth through provision of Common User Facilities and start –up capital.


2.Approved the Principles for the Animal Feeds Bill, 2018. The objectives  of the proposed Bill include ;

(i)Promote a well- regulated Animal Feeds industry  integrating the various aspirations for its stakeholders, farmers, clients and the related value chain actors;

(ii)Promote the development of the Animal Feeds Industry for increased production of quality feeds at affordable costs. 


3.Approved the Principles for the proposed Older Persons’ Bill 2019.The Policy objectives of the Bill are to ;

(i)Enhance protection  and realization  of older person’s rights;

(ii)Promote  and protect the wellbeing, safety  and security  of older person;

(iii)Combat abuse of older persons;

(iv)To provide for a  rights based approach  to social protection programming  of older persons;

(v)Streamline care services for older persons;

(vi)Provide for a structure  through which  free and fair elections of representatives of Older Persons Councils  can be conducted  at all levels;

(vii)Amend and harmonize existing inconsistent or inadequate provisions in the current Law.


4.Approved the Accession of the Government of the Republic of Uganda to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative. The Country will benefit through :

(i)Improved  investment  climate by giving  a clear signal  to  investors and International  Financial Institutions that the Government is committed to improving  transparency , which in turn  can lead  to increased investment  in the Country ;

(ii) Improve the revenue collection  process and boost Public Finances;

(iii)Minimize oil, gas and mining  revenues  being  mismanaged or lost to corruption;

(iv)Assist in strengthening  licensing and record keeping ;

(v)Improve  Corporate  risk  management  and Governance ;

(vi)Promote accountability  and fight corruption;

(vii)Influence Government Policy to ensure that the Country maximizes benefits from its Natural Resources and reduces levels of Poverty.