Cuba to exchange Covid-19 Vaccines for Ugandan Goods

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

President Yoweri Museveni has called on Cuba to identify the agricultural products that it needs from Uganda.

“Brief us on your needs in agricultural products so that we may sell to you. I agree with you over the proposal of trade between Uganda and Cuba,” the President asked his guest in response to the Ambassador’s proposal to have barter trade between the two countries.

The President made the call today at State House, Entebbe, during a farewell meeting with the outgoing Cuban Ambassador to Uganda, H.E. Antonio Luis Izaguirre. 

The envoy had paid the President a visit to bid him farewell upon the end of his tour of duty. Izaguirre represented the Cuba Government in Uganda for almost 5 years.

Museveni revealed that soon Uganda would open its Embassy in Havana, Cuba. He briefed the envoy on the progress that Uganda has recorded in efforts to manufacture the Covid -19 vaccine.

Ambassador Izaguirre informed President Museveni that Cuba has so far manufactured 3 Covid 19 vaccines that are undergoing approval. He revealed that over 20 million people in his country have been vaccinated against the Covid 19 pandemic. He added that they were preparing to administer the booster dose to their people. He said that Cuba could sell Covid 19 vaccines and other medicines to Uganda and in exchange receives the goods it needs from Uganda.

Ambassador Izaguirre expressed his admiration for the beautiful Uganda. He revealed that the economy in his country has improved of recent.