Go register to vote, President Museveni rallies Ugandans

Thursday, December 19, 2019

JINJA, UGANDA: President Museveni has asked Ugandans who qualify to vote to go register and make sure they are in position to vote in the next elections in 2021.

In a message recorded at Jinja State Lodge where the President has been stationed for the past two days, the he said registering to vote was key but must be done in the right place.

"They are two places to register. The first is where you originate. Like me, I have been registering in Rwakitura, in a nearby voting centre called Nshwere, because that's where I originate," said the President.

He added: "The second area where I could register is Nakasero, because it is where I reside now. I cannot register in Jinja and say I have a state lodge in Jinja, so I should go and register there. That is now obukumpanya (cheating). I come to Jinja sometimes but I don't live here. It must be where you originate or where you reside."

The Electoral Commission is currently updating the national voters register, an exercise that began on November 21st and will conclude on December 23rd. The exercise is being conducted at all parishes across the country.

Voting, noted the President, is critical because it is the ultimate power citizens have over their destiny and that of their country.

"The vote is a means of cleansing the political system to make sure that the people have power. It captures the sovereignty of the people, that they have the ultimate power," he said.

In his message, the President also spoke of three "disconnections" that must be addressed by the political processes. These he said are elected leaders who turn against the position of their electorate and parties, cheating during elections and bribing voters to influence their choices.





(Attached is President Museveni's full statement)