Include Wealth Creation in your Political Messages - President

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

STATE HOUSE, ENTEBBE: President Yoweri Museveni has urged a group of Radio and TV Panelists who volunteered to mobilise votes for the NRM party in the recently concluded national elections to advocate for wealth creation at the household level alongside their political mobilization to continue winning massive support for the party.

“What is important is advocacy for disseminating information with right content including promoting wealth creation at the household level,” he said

The President was last evening addressing a team of local media panelists drawn from the eighteen regional zones of Uganda comprising journalists, teachers, farmers and businessmen who volunteered to fight fake news, falsehood, blackmail, malice and propaganda against NRM by the opposition at a meeting held at State House Entebbe.

The group was formed under the initiative of the PPS to the President Dr. Kenneth Omona in December 2020 who used his down to earth cadre ship political strategy to mobilize about 150 local media panelists from eighteen zones of the five regions of Uganda in the run up to the elections.

During the mobilization process through the media, they used both radio and TV channels, social media platforms to achieve their main objective of campaigning for the NRM party.

In his message to the group, President Museveni advised them to twin political mobilization with instilling a message of wealth creation into society using the NRM’s sensitisation campaign on Socio-economic transformation at household level. He urged them to ensure that people do not work for the stomach alone without working for money for their pockets including engaging in intensive commercial agriculture with ‘ekibalo’ in mind. 

“Educate the society that people must change to have a modern society. The peasant class of people must disappear. More importantly, they must be encouraged to create wealth yourselves,” he said.

He pledged to support the group through economic empowerment as wealth creators by availing to them a revolving fund outreach at every sub region.

The Group National Coordinator, Patrick Obura told the president that the team Code named “Kikundi cakugenga ujumbi” (foot patrol army) was formed to counter the opposition tactic of misusing information and spreading misinformation targeted at the media. 

“We approached the local leaders and penetrated the public quietly with message of positive content to return sanity to the public that had lost trust in the media that had undermined the NRM cause for fighting for unity and stability under the leadership of president Museveni,” he said.

Michael Odoi who is the Group Desk Research Officer said that despite the challenges they face affecting the dynamic group including the struggle to access information, logistic issues, critical issues like some members becoming victims of violence, they pledged to be monitors of government plan and implementation of parish model scheme of agriculture in their areas across the country to eradicate poverty.