Industrial Park, Road Infrastructure Game changer in Bugisu

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Industrialize for job and wealth creation – President 

STATE HOUSE, ENTEBBE: President Yoweri Museveni has urged leaders in Bugisu sub-region to develop a new concept of industrialization to create employment and wealth for the people. 

“We rescued the current industrial park, something like 600 acres from a white man from Switzerland who had taken land from Bugisu Cooperative Union over debts. We paid him. Question was, what do we do with the land? People wanted to build Buduuka like what they did with their old taxi park, I said no! You need an industrial park here. Get a concept for a whole town of factories. The town of factories creates more jobs. One factory employs 3000 people but a shop employs two people. It is time to change completely,” he said.

The President was yesterday meeting Bugisu sub-region elders led by out-going Mbale district chairman Bernard Mujaasi, at State House Entebbe, They discussed issues related to the development of Bugisu sub-region. 

On the issue of Elgon veterans, The President said they would try and enable each of the veterans to have a small project that can generate an income to help them.

“We shall try to enable them have a small project. Not big but generates income for each of them. It is easier that way to help them have something. People are many; you can’t have too much on one perform. If planned well, they can have something which can produce something as income,” he said.

The President called for unity in the region and described Bugisu as a traditional meeting place for various tribes in the past including the Basiita clan which is spread in many areas. He said its not accidental that there are similar dialects between Bugisu and other tribes like Baruli, Banyala, Balamogi, Bagwere, Banyole, Basamia etc. 

The leaders thanked President Museveni for the houses in Bulambuli which have transformed the area similar now to a municipal, describing it as ‘a small city there’. 

They urged the President to provide more housing for the people in the highlands who are vulnerable to the mudslides and climate change.

The leaders described the Industrial Park coupled with the road infrastructure development and the common-user facilities for skilling the youth as game changer in the region. They pledged to make sure that coffee and banana come back and more factories for processing them are built.

They urged the President to write a book about Uganda tribes and their linkages and movements for posterity. 

“It will be classical one. It will be a real wealth of knowledge for our schools. These things we look at them without appreciating them now but in future, it will be helpful for our young people, Your travels have given you a sense that these Africans are basically the same. Bamasaba can hear most language but cant speak understand them completely,” Mujaasi said.