Kampala youth tour Luweero-based Kawumu Presidential Demonstration Farm

Friday, January 31, 2020

Over 120 youths, under their umbrella organization ‘Steady Youth Platform’ have toured Kawumu Presidential Demonstration Farm in Luweero District.

The youth group from Kampala and Wakiso Disricts that was lead by Mr. Ssenabulya Frank, comprises 62 different sub-groups under the main ‘Steady Youth Platform’ that deal in different enterprises that include fish farming in Nalukolongo, carpentry in Namungoona, Shoe making in Kasubi, welding and hairdressing, among others. 

They sought permission from the President to tour the farm to which he had no object so that they would learn from the different enterprises carried out at the farm.  

The youths who where received at the Farm by Assistant Private Secretary to the President, In-Charge of Agriculture, Ms. Roselyn Acheng, were advised to take this opportune tour serious to able to go back in their groups and share the knowledge they would acquire.

Ms. Acheng assured the youth group that when one puts emphasis on commercial agriculture, he or she can never go wrong.

The youth were taken on a guided tour by the Farm Manager, Mr. Gandugga Geoffrey to see for themselves and learn from the different enterprises undertaken at the farm that include pineapple, coffee and banana growing, fish farming, poultry and cattle keeping, among others.

Mr. Gandugga said that the President’s dream is being realized as such groups from all walks of life around the country are pouring in at Kawumu to learn modern agriculture.

The group leader, Mr. Ssenabulya Frank, thanked the President for the opportunity to tour his farm adding that they are going to be goodwill Ambassadors of modern agriculture to fellow youths not only in Kampala but also in the whole country. 

Other youth participants were also grateful for the opportunity and called upon their fellow youth to join the agricultural sector and to clear the perception that agriculture is for old people.

Kawumu Presidential Demonstration Farm has become a learning centre for citizens and visitors, who want to replicate the four-acre model programme that President Museveni said would be the magic bullet for people with limited space for farming to fight poverty and become prosperous. 

Under the four-acre model, the President says, one can grow an acre of bananas (matooke), an acre of fruits (oranges, pineapples, mangoes, etc).


The third acre can be for coffee, rearing of animals such as pigs, cross-breed cows for milk, goats and even poultry in the backyard on top of planting grass to feed the animals.

Changing the mindset of Ugandans was the main goal of the demonstration farms and they are already bearing fruit. ENDS