KCCA Press Release

Tuesday, May 28, 2019



In October 2018, while the President of Uganda was on his duty tour of Kampala Central Business District, the business community of Kampala raised several concerns regarding their welfare and other conditions that affected their work in Kampala Central Business District.

Among issues raised were:-


(i)Landlords charge tenants exorbitant electricity  fees far above UMEME rates

(ii)Landlords charge tenants and the general public between 200 – 300 per person per use of toilet facilities in shopping malls and arcades

(iii)Unconditioned policies and activities between Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) and Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) hurt business very much.  After URA has collected import taxes and released goods to be sold, UNBS launches inspection operations and confiscates them as below standard

(iv)Ownership and management wrangles of PWD’s land, Nakasero, Kisekka, and St. Balikuddembe Markets as well as the City Abattoir.

(v)Payments of user fees by the general public for garbage collection services to private concessionaires contracted by KCCA.


Item (i) and (iv) are being handled by a Committee of Cabinet chaired by Rt. Hon. Gen Moses Ali the 1st Deputy Prime Minister.  I can tell you that we finished our work and Hon. Gen Moses Ali will soon table a report before Cabinet.


However yesterday, Cabinet exhaustively discussed the report tabled by my Ministry regarding the matter of payment of user fees to concessionaires contracted by KCCA for garbage collection.


In the report, my Ministry indicated that wide consultations on the matter had been done with the following institutions;-


(i)Nairobi City Council

(ii)Dar el Salaam Council

(iii)KCCA Authority Councilors

(iv)Division Councilors


(vi)Kampala Markets’ Union

(vii)Kampala Taxi Operators’ Stages Association (KOTSA)

(viii)Uganda Taxi Drivers’ Association (UTRADA)

(ix)Kampala Arcaders’ Forum (KAFO)

(x)Kampala Traders’ Association (KATA)

(xi)Contractors of KCCA garbage collection services

(xii)Residents of low income areas (Katanga, Nakulabye, Kabowa, etc)


(xiv)Attorney General


Based on the findings during consultations, Cabinet, under the Chairmanship of H.E. the President of Uganda decided the following:-


(i)Appreciated that there is a visible improvement in the cleanliness since 2015 when KCCA decided to partner with the Private Sector through a PPP arrangement.


(ii)Recalled the earlier days when uncollected garbage skips (Hered the City and attracted Kaloli (marathon stock) and other prey birds which were a dominant feature in the City center, scavenging for dead dogs and other rotting City waste).


(iii)Appreciated that there are sectors of the public In Kampala City who cannot afford to pay for rubbish, while others can afford to pay and have been paying with no problem.


(iv)Recognised that the full story or process of garbage management ends when it becomes raw materials for production of other products such as electricity, fertlisers, glass, paper, briquettes etc.


Based on the extensive consultations and the need of the City, Cabinet decided that:-


(i)KCCA should continue with the duo policy of collecting garbage from very low income localities for fee while those able to pay should pay for the services of garbage collection at a fee(s) determined by KCCA.


(ii)The contracts of the current three concessionaires are:-


(i)Nabugabo Up Deal Joint Venture

(ii)Homeklin Services (U) Ltd

(iii)Kampala Solid Waste Management Consortium Ltd


Should be extended for an extra one year for them to continue collecting garbage in their respective zones for a fee.  During this time, if they can, they should look for partners / investors to handle the entire service chain from garbage source to recycle and production of other products.


(iv)KCCA was also instructed to search for a suitable investor(s) who will partner with KCCA and the concessionaire to establish the facility to turn garbage into other products.


(v)Sometime in the future, Government will cause legislation that will require all people to begin sorting garbage at source separating organic matter, plastic, glass, metal etc.- this will include a sensitization program.


In summary therefore, I beg the general public to adhere to the decisions. KCCA will very soon gazette and announce low income areas which will get free garbage collection services. The other people are requested to continue paying for the garbage they generate themselves.


KCCA will review the current rates and give information to the public – this will be done as soon as possible, but in the meantime, for a very short period, continue as you have been until these directives of Cabinet are effected.  Remember personal hygiene and health begins with you.

This being a rainy season which is likely to stretch till July 2019, the public is requested to pay particular attention to hygiene in their environment.  Don’t throw garbage in drainage channels or anywhere else.  Allow it to be collected and taken to Kiteezi, the only designated dumping area.


Beti Kamya Turwomwe

Minister for Kampala Capital City and Metropolitan Affairs




Cc:Minister of State KCC & MA

Cc:Ag Executive Director, KCCA

Cc:Undersecretary, Ministry of KCC & MA