Museveni urges Leaders on modern Agro-production for Transformation

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

KITGUM DISTRICT: President Yoweri Museveni who is also the NRM Presidential flag bearer in the forthcoming general elections has urged NRM leaders in Kitgum in particular and Uganda in general to ensure that society is transformed through modern, commercial and calculated agriculture production for wealth creation if the society is to transform.

“I want you to work from parish to parish, which is the centre of gravity and find out how many people are still engaged in subsistence farming, and insist on converting them to commercial agriculture. If we do that, even with what has been achieved, the sky is the limit,” he said.

The President was today meeting NRM leaders and flag bearers from Kitgum at Boma grounds In Kitgum Municipality. He urged them explain to the population the NRM ideology of promoting peoples common interests as opposed to identity.

The President said he was very happy to be in the area when peace and development are now in place and congratulated the people of Acholi region for this progress, adding that NRM which has ensured this process is the only party qualified to run the country.

He said today, Uganda is experiencing peace that is attracting investors who are helping in solving the challenges of essential commodities, providing employment to Ugandans and also paying taxes to the government.

President Museveni cited some of the biggest tax payers that include MTN that pays 701 billion shillings, Airtel 524 billion shillings, Total Uganda 399 billion shillings, Nile Breweries 327 billion shillings, Uganda Breweries over 300 billion shillings, BIDCO over 100 billion shillings and Stanbic Bank 164 billion shillings among others.

He said taxes collected from these companies are eventually distributed to districts for development, adding that MTN alone can support many districts in the country.

He said another achievement highly registered by the NRM government was the return of the Asian properties that gave Uganda a good name abroad and led to the return of investors to Uganda.

Candidate Museveni advised aspiring MPs to mind the needs and interests of the people they want to represent in Parliament while allocating funds in the budget, saying instead of wasting money on things like foreign travels, funds should be channeled to the needs of the people.

He urged NRM leaders to sensitise the population about the achievements of the NRM and to consolidate their unity for development.

On employment provided by investors Mr. Museveni cited the Atiak sugar factory where many Ugandans are employed and others are working in the sugar plantations.

During a light moment, President Museveni moved from his tent to brave the scotching sun and took time to educate the delegates the benefits of the suns’ rays adding that they provide vitamin D needed for boosting ones immunity, that in-turn wards off some ailments.

He cautioned Ugandans to follow the Ministry of Health guidelines in the fight against the COVID19 pandemic.

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament Rt. Hon. Jacob Oulanyah praised President Yoweri Museveni for stabilizing and establishing peace in the country and for giving people the power to choose their leaders through elections.

“The 35 years of NRM governance have given the country the opportunity to develop. Instead of 7 military coups we now have 7 elections. So we have moved away from bullets to ballots,” he noted.

He further observed that during the current campaigns, some people preach violence and destruction while Mr. Museveni preaches peace, unity and prosperity.

Hon. Oulanyah, strongly advised the youth to reject violence and destruction and embrace unity and development.

The Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Ruhakana Rugunda thanked the leaders of Acholi sub-region for mobilizing the masses to support NRM.

“This support must be consolidated to ensure that the journey from backwardness to modernity is completed. The only person to lead is none other than President Museveni,” he said.