Museveni to Youth “Create Ideas that Transform Society”

Sunday, November 15, 2020

LIRA CITY: President Museveni has today advised the youth from Lango sub region that they must be able to create ideas that seek to manage the society and develop it, just like the NRM government has done.

“I hear people say young people, but with the management of society, we are talking of ideology and not biology. You can be young but confused, old but clear headed,” he said.

The President was yesterday speaking during a meeting with the youth groups from Lango sub-region at Boma grounds, Lira district.

He reiterated that in their quest for the ideas to transform society, they must also work with the elders who share their ideas.

“I started socio-economic work when I was about 15. In order for us to succeed, we the youths had to work with the elders who shared our ideas. Some ideas might be old but still relevant. For example, Moses was given the ten commandments, Jesus later came and reformed the commandments which still apply to date,” he said.

With the energy and the vigor that the youths have, President Museveni said, Youths must desist from squandering their lives in promiscuous activities but rather take time to develop ideas, accompanied with knowledge and discipline.

The President also informed the youths while they were mobilizing for NRM support and votes, they must do it door to door to avoid the spread of the global pandemic. 

In the memorandum presented to the President by Maurice Ogwal, the youth councilor from the youth leadership and fraternity from Lango sub region, the youth requested for logistical support for the enterprises and the businesses that the youths are engaged in.

“Most the youths here are engaged in piggery, and other agricultural activities but the problem is that they lack the finances to sustain their projects and so they need your help in this area,”

The Memorandum also sought for the awarding of scholarships for the youths who were able to continue with their education.

“Considering the background of the insurgency with LRA, a number of youths were left behind and so we ask that you help us to continue with our education because they are making youths willing to go back to school,” the memorandum read.

In the second document presented to the President, the youth requested that their fishery cooperative be registered with Ministry of trade, industry and cooperatives and that they would be able to acquire small loans to boost their transport. 

The NRM youth flag bearer for the elections of 2021 for the position Northern youth MP, Bonafice Okot assured the President of 99% of their votes in the coming elections.

He appreciated President Museveni for including the youths in all structures of the NRM. In the political sphere, Mr. Okot requested for the numbers of youth to be increased Central Executive Committee and the National Executive Committee since of the problems are youth centered.