North Bukedi Embraces Transformation, Assure Museveni of Massive Support

Monday, November 30, 2020

PALLISA DISTRICT: Leaders from North Bukedi sub-region have greatly appreciated the developments made by the NRM government in their districts describing them as so glaring that even a blind man can see and feel them.

“A lot of achievements have been made by the NRM government in North Bukedi sub-region including roads, dams and markets to boost trade,” the NRM Chairman Pallisa district Mr. Oule George Omoding said in a memorandum.

The memorandum by leaders of the 3 districts of Kibuku, Butebo and Pallisa was read by the NRM Chairman Pallisa district Mr. Oule George Omoding at a scientific campaign meeting with the NRM Presidential candidate President Yoweri Museveni.

The meeting took place yesterday at Busitema University Faculty of Management Science- Kalaki cell in Kauco ward Pallisa Town Council.

The NRM Presidential flag bearer Candidate Museveni who was accompanied by his daughter Patience Natasha Karugire was on his 2nd day campaign trail in greater Bukedi sub-region comprising the districts of Butebo, Kibuku and Pallisa.

Among the achievements enumerated in the leaders memorandum include the roads and dams that have been constructed and some whose construction is on-going, irrigation projects at Kameruka and many others, demonstration fishing farms like the one in Limoto that will save the swamps from destruction and the improved water coverage that now stands at 76%.

“It was due to your deliberate intervention that is why the water coverage improved in this part of Uganda,” Mr. Omoding said.

Other achievements include the rural electrification that has seen the power lines covering all the sub-counties in North Bukedi, education system that has been enhanced by the seed schools constructed by the NRM government and dotted all over the greater Pallisa, the Industrial park in Tirinyi whose construction is on-going, administrative blocks that are being constructed as well as Emiyoga funds that they do believe will help the people of the 3 districts through the SACCOs they have opened to get out of poverty.

Welcoming the NRM Candidate and leaders to his area, the LC1 chairman of Kalaki cell in Kauco Ward Pallisa Town Council Mr. Okwana Peter expressed his delight to once again receive the President to his area and assured the NRM Presidential candidate of massive support by the people of his cell.

He further thanked President Museveni for the yellow bicycles that will ease their work of mobilization.


President Museveni told that gathering that included ministers, members of parliament, NRM flag bearers and delegates that the wise policies and ideology adopted by the NRM government turned around the would be failed state of Uganda and firmly brought it back to its feet.

He said the rejection of the identity line in favor of needs and interests of the people enabled NRM to bring about political unity followed by the building of a strong army ushering in peace.

The President added that ‘salt’ was added to the peace that attracted a score of investors and companies.

while using the proverb of ‘wisdom is better than strength’ and the bibilical one of ‘you reap what you sow’ the President explained that NRM used her clever policies of returning the Asian properties, privatized companies and liberalized some businesses like the foreign currency that was a monopoly of Bank of Uganda.

He said this resulted in the mushrooming of Industrial parks filled with factories by foreign investors who have solved the problems of shortages of goods, provided a new type of employment and are paying taxes used by the government for infrastructure development and many other projects.

The President who expressed his satisfaction for travelling on a good road from Mbale to Kamonkoli where his convoy branched off to Pallisa said such infrastructures are constructed using Ugandan money collected from their taxes.

He also cited education where in Bukedi government has 617 primary schools while private ones number1,017. He added that government secondary schools are 73 and 180 private ones. 

Candidate Museveni called on leaders and all flag bearers to assure the electorate that they will do proper budget allocation in Parliament for wanainchi before they think of themselves.

Mr. Museveni cited the inadequate funds allocated to the youth and the women of Bukedi sub-region that needs to be revised to enable most of them benefit.

“They should start with the wanainchi, because in 2016 shs.8.5 billion was allocated to the youth and only 13,000 benefitted and yet there are over 2 million youth. That is why you see them running around because many have not benefited. The Women fund for the area was only shs. 3 billion and 7,000 women benefitted. More money should be injected to these funds to realize an impact,” he stressed.

Candidate Museveni urged the people to go for modern commercial calculated agro-production assuring them of the market as the government is pushing for the East African Integration and that of Africa for a bigger market.

On the issue of saving the swamps, he cited the Limoto scheme that is working very well where those who used to grow rice in the wetlands have now been taught better ways of utilizing those areas for both fish farming and agriculture earning them more money.

He however stressed that people must not be evicted from the wetlands without sensitization and compensation

Candidate Museveni urged Ugandans to support the NRM presidential flag bearer and all other NRM flag bearers in the forthcoming elections.

“Tell the electorate to vote for the president and all NRM flag bearers because our line and our packaging is medicine that has worked for Uganda and it will even work much better,” he said. 

Later, President Yoweri Museveni and NRM Flag bearer received a spear and shield from Derrick Orone, the NRM flag bearer for Gogonyo County in Pallisa district.