President advises farmers on maize Production

Sunday, December 22, 2019

President Yoweri Museveni has advised farmers in the country who have big chunks of land that they can grow maize while those with four acres and below should embrace the four-acre model of production of fruits, coffee, food crops and grass that can be used as fodder for animals.

The President gave the advice at a public rally that was held yesterday in Kitenga Sub-County in Mubende District.

Mr. Museveni also used the occasion to allay the fear of farmers about possibilities of maize prices’ plummeting because, he added, maize has a wide market globally in countries like Japan and Egypt, among others.

He informed the farmers in the country in general and those in Mubende District in particular that for the maize crop to sell very well, the producers must improve its quality. He advised farmers to always wait for maize to grow very well to maturity stage as a must and let it dry on its stems before it is harvested. He cautioned people against consuming maize that is not well handled in the process of drying it especially that which people spread on bare ground and in the process, it gathers afflatoxins that pause health challenges to its consumers.

The President promised to maize growers government support on the right maize equipment in order to improve on the yield of the crop.

Turning to land issues, the President assured the people of Mubende District that nobody has a right to evict anyone from land without using proper and meticulous land laws.

He said that land titles should not be issued for any piece of land without first scanning and knowing the issues affecting that particular land. He castigated some land officials in government who were issuing land titles of public land that is owned by government. He warned that if any official is incriminated in such activity, he or she would be reprimanded accordingly and the title deeds cancelled.

The President assured landowners who the Government is going to pay to be patient and leave bibanja holders in peace. He told those landowners that Government had prioritized infrastructure development like the building of roads, schools and hospitals, among others. He added that the phase of infrastructure development has progressed well and the affected landowners’ payment will be fulfilled in due course.

The President commended the newly appointed Minister of Information, ICT and Communications, Hon. Judith Nabakooba, for having reported to him challenges of land issues affecting the people in Mityana District that were eventually addressed.