President calls for Africa’s Integration

Thursday, November 7, 2019

President Yoweri Museveni has called for the integration of the African continent to root for a more vibrant and strong economic base and prosperity like China and the United States of America have been able to do. He, however, stressed that Africa’s desired economic integration cannot be fully guaranteed unless the continent moves to grapple with challenges attendant to lack of strategic security.

“None of the Africa leaders was happy when Libya was attacked by the West and it could not defend itself,” he said.

The President was delivering a lecture to members of the visiting South African National Defence College who called on him yesterday at State House, Entebbe. They are on a one-week study tour to appreciate Uganda’s politics and the country’s geo-politics in the region on top of visiting some historical sites under the guidance of Brig. James Kinalwa who is UPDF’s Chief of Training and Recruitment. 

He emphasized the crucial need for the Army leadership to understand views of political leaders on Africa.

“When we talk of issues about Africa, we are referring to the continent’s internal weaknesses, that led to colonization by Europeans. This is why the African Army should know that it is there for continental protection,” he stressed.

He reminded the delegation that the most crucial issue is to appreciate the fact that Africa should never be colonised again. He emphasised that the missions of Africa and its people is their survival, regaining their freedom and independence like the ANC did in South Africa led by Nelson Mandela.

Mr. Museveni observed that if the East African Federation were achieved, it would create a centre of gravity for the rest of Africa and serve to warn people that want to threaten Africa.

He stressed that the five crucial historical missions for the African continent and its people is survival in all aspects, total liberation, realization of economic prosperity, strategic security and heritage and fraternity for Africa. 

South Africa Army team leader, Maj. Gen. L.K. Mbatha, thanked President Museveni for the educative lecture on a topic of his choice. 

“We shall impart the same knowledge to other people for the benefit of Africa’s development,” he said. ENDS