President commends India as he opens War Game Centre

Saturday, May 23, 2020

KIMAKA, JINJA: President Museveni has commended the Indian government and its nationals for its continued cooperation and support to Uganda, especially on the economic front. 

The President made the commendation today as he inaugurated the War Game Centre at the Senior Command and Staff College, Kimaka in Jinja. 

Built by support of the Indian government and the Indian community in Uganda, the over Shs1 billion facility offers a platform for simulation of war and aids in testing new concepts and tactical operational warfare by military officers in training.

President Museveni said the support signified a gesture of a wider cooperation between Uganda and India, while saluting Brigadier Singh Ranjit of the Indian army seconded to Kimaka for envisioning and actualizing the idea. 

President Museveni said Uganda was privileged to work with an army of experience and notable heroism.

“I salute the Indian government for seconding the military team for the last ten years. The Indian army is a heroic one. There are also special links between India and Africa," he said, adding "India was part of the African continent but it drifted and collided with the Asian continent and created a big wrinkle…We were colonized together by some groups of people who came from Europe but we woke up and got out of their rule. We also fought together against the Japanese in Burma…The Indians are the also the ones who stopped the western expansion of the Japanese at the famous battle of Kohima,” said President Museveni. 

President Museveni also appreciated the Indian political class for working hand in hand with Uganda and cited renown leaders like Mahtma Ghandi, Jawaral Nehru and the now current Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.

On the developmental contributions, President Museveni hailed the Indian society for their role in industrialization and to some extent in the agricultural sector of Uganda. 

He urged them to continue investing in the country for the betterment of its economy. 

“After Amin, they helped us repair the economy. I love their philanthropist work but they should mainly focus on investing more in the country,” he said.

In his speech, the Commandant of the college, Mr Oguti Andrew noted that while war gaming would not necessarily guarantee success, well-executed war games had in most cases delivered significant comparative advantage in numerous campaigns. 

He also said that the center would not only benefit the college but also the UPDF, which would strongly help in its transformation. He saluted the Indian community for being a peace-loving and development-oriented people.

Chairman of the Indian association of Uganda, Mr. Mohana Rao hailed President Museveni for the 34 years of peace attributed to the good leadership of the NRM government and also appreciated the UPDF for the boundless peace that they have enjoyed in Uganda.

“I always state that our stay in Uganda is summarized in the 3P’s, peace, prosperity and profit and this is because of the President’s selfless sacrifice,” he said.

He explained that the Indian government had built the war game center as a token of appreciation for the highly disciplined UPDF and for their role in safe guarding the peace that both the Ugandans and Indians enjoy. 

The centre, he added, would be of great benefit not only to Uganda but to the East African region in training peace keeping troops that would cross the continent and beyond.

Commenting on the COVID fight in Uganda, the Chairman appreciated President Museveni for his strategic leadership during such times and appreciated the dedicated medical team in Uganda for their selfless efforts.

The Indian association donated a vehicle and other gifts to the government to help in medical services during the COVID Fight. 

Later, the President delivered a lecture to students pursuing the Senior Staff course at the college.