President to crime preventers “Work with Police to curb crime”

Thursday, September 26, 2019

LUGOGO, KAMPALA: President Yoweri Museveni has clarified that crime preventers were created for two purposes; to work with the police in curbing crime and to act as reserve Army, adding that the government couldn’t turn them into employees because of the limited financial resources.

He, however, assured them that government would help support them from where they are to improve on their welfare through Savings and Credit Cooperatiove Organizations (SACCOs.) 

“Form SACCOs based on skill; if there are engineers in this group, they can form a company and we support them at the district level,” he said. The President urged those who had minimal obligation in their homes to organize and consider going to Kyankwanzi for patriotism training.

President Museveni was today addressing crime preventers’ coordinators from various districts, at Lugogo MTN arena where he also launched the National Wealth Creators Union. The Union seeks to represent, promote, assist and sustain the crime preventer SACCOs, as well as mobilize for financial and non-financial activities.

The President advised the union leaders not to make SACCOs be based on zones; as district SACCOs are too big to maintain. He reiterated that they should instead make the districts their operational base but have SACCOS based on skills.

The National Chairperson of Crime Preventers, Mr. Kamugisha Blaise, said that the Union was a result of the advice from President Museveni who had encouraged them to be exemplary wealth creators. He also noted that SACCOs formed were not only for savings but to also create jobs.

He assured the President that in a space of two years, each village would have wealth creation ambassadors from the group, advising and working with the people to shift from subsistence to commercial agriculture.