Thursday, June 20, 2024

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has today fulfilled his pledge of 20 new motorcycles to Boda-boda Associations in Nkumba Parish, Wakiso District.


The motorcycles were delivered by the State House Comptroller, Ms. Jane Barekye in a colourful ceremony held in Bendebere Village, Nkumba.

The beneficiaries included Nkumba Bufulu NRM Mobilizers Boda-boda Association (10 motorcycles) and Quarter Guard NRM Mobilizers Boda-boda Association (10 motorcycles). 

In her remarks, Ms. Barekye advised beneficiaries to use the motorcycles for the intended purpose of improving their household incomes and developing their associations. 

She thanked the association members for loving their country, especially President Yoweri Museveni. 

The State House Comptroller further pledged that the President will support the women groups in the area that are engaged in productive enterprises like poultry farming, dairy farming, piggery and mushroom growing to boost their production that will in turn improve their household incomes. 

Maj. Emmanuel Kuteesa, the in-charge of Special Duties at State House, appreciated the gesture by President Museveni to support the youths in fighting poverty. 

The LC 1 Chairperson- Bendebere Village, Mr. John Muhire who is also the patron of the two associations commended President Museveni for empowering the youths. 

“These youths had nothing, but now with the empowerment by President Museveni they have been saved from loans, they will be able to save money and also help other members of the associations,” he said.

Mrs. Jennifer Nakayondo who is also a patron of the two associations commended President Museveni for the support. She praised the cordial and friendly relations existing between civilians and soldiers of the Training School in Kasenyi. 

“President Museveni, thank you very much. For us here we are living in harmony with the soldiers. Nobody is being harassed. This is truly a well-disciplined and pro-people's army,” she noted.

The Chairpersons of Nkumba Bufulu NRM Mobilizers Boda-boda Association and Quarter Guard NRM Mobilizers Boda-boda Association, Mr. Mwanika Fred and Mr. Gombe Kiyaga respectively, expressed their heartfelt gratitude to President Museveni for the gift of the new motorcycles and pledged to use them to transform their lives and that of their families as well as that of members of their associations.

The ceremony was attended by the Commandant of the Training School- Sera Kasenyi, Lt. Col. Frank Murema.