President Praised for Infrastructure Development

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

BUSIA DISTRICT: President Yoweri Museveni who is the NRM Presidential flag bearer has earned a lot of praises from the people of Busia for the tarmac roads that have been constructed in their area.

The accolade was conveyed to the President by the LC 1 Chairman Madibira cell in Busia Municipality Mr. Ogoola Twaha, while welcoming his chief Candidate Museveni and NRM leaders to Madibira Primary School amidst ululations from supporters that gathered outside the scientific campaign meeting venue.

“Your excellency, the people of Busia thank you very much for the Musita-Mayuge-Majanji-Lumino to Busia road and have therefore vowed to ensure that NRM wins in the coming elections. The people also thank you for the market you have just commissioned,” he said.

Mr. Ogoola however strongly urged the youth to be disciplined and reject violence in the strongest terms possible. He quoted a Kiswahili proverb that ‘a youth who does not listen to elders ends up breaking his leg’.

President Museveni was today holding a scientific campaign meeting attended by NRM Flag bearers at Parliament, LCV, the incumbents, incase the lost in the primaries, NRM executives at the District and Municipal level, NRM league chairpersons at District and Municipal level, Youth, Women, the Elderly and PWD council chairpersons at district level and NRM sub-county Chairpersons from Busia district.

President Museveni informed delegates of the root causes for Uganda and Africa to lag behind for a long time and that the NRM using her wisdom followed the line of uniting the people of Uganda politically, ushering in peace, that attracted investors who are providing employment and contributing taxes to Ugandans.

He cited Mbale Industrial Park where 80 factories are now functional and employing 5,000 people. He said on completion of the construction of all factories at the park over 200,000 Ugandans will get jobs.

“NRM has a solution for employment, Industrial parks is one of the solutions. There are 80 factories in Mbale Industrial park employing 5,000 people and once the rest have been constructed over 200,000 Ugandans will be employed,” he said.

President Museveni told the gathering that all roads that they are talking about are also constructed using the money paid by investors as taxes.

On Emiyoga (SACCOS), President Museveni tasked one Madina to make a follow up of the funds whether they have been posted to members’ accounts in Busia or not.

The President however pointed out that the youth fund in Busia in the last 4 years received 1.4 billion shillings where 2,150 youth benefitted but this was not enough to cover a big population of almost 400,000 people.

“The impact will not be felt. So you MPs’ work with me to put more money in the youth fund. And that is where I want us to agree because you people want more salaries and travel abroad. First give your bazukulu entandikwa,” he advised.

The President encouraged leaders to show their people the way of practicing modern commercial and calculated farming for both food and financial security.

He also called on the youth to interest themselves on their future other than thinking of our daily bread by supporting the integration of the East African and Africa for a bigger market for our produce.