President praises Kyambogo University for new Innovations

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

President Yoweri Museveni has praised the leadership of Kampala-based Kyambogo University for the new innovations exhibited at the stalls at today’s graduation ceremony in the University Campus describing them as a renaissance that Africa needs. 

“In Kyambogo you are beginning to wake up. There is actually renaissance at Kyambogo. Kyambogo has got out of Kulambala (sleep),” he observed.

The President, who is the Visitor of the University, was today the Chief Guest at the 16th graduation ceremony of the University. The 3-days’ function will see 8,892 graduands (4,877 male and 4,015 female) get their Master’s and Bachelor’s Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates in various fields. Two graduands, Bamuwamye Michael and Gafuma Samuel, obtained their PhDs in Food Technology while 187 graduands obtained 1st class degrees.

President Museveni who was visibly excited about the achievements told the gathering that he saw in the stalls computerized weaving loom, the making of cloth using banana fibres, telecommunications engineering, leather tanning, ceramics and the processing of iron ore. 

Another exhibition at the stalls included food technology where banana starch is used for making bread, the making of biomedical equipment and the technology of pumping out oil from the ground.

The President congratulated graduands upon their achievements and called on them to reinvent themselves in order to remain relevant focusing on the needs of the people. He urged them to join and be part of the development journey of the country.

President Museveni also encouraged graduands to be patriotic disciplined and always have a positive attitude.

“Be men and women of intelligence and character,” he counseled.

The President earlier expressed his gratitude to learn that for the first time Kyambogo University has produced PHD holders.

“This is a sign that the young University is attaining maturity,” he noted.

He congratulated the Chancellor of the University Professor John Sebuwufu for being a distinguished leader in the higher Education management expressing his optimism that the University will continue to grow under the leadership of Professor Sebuwufu..

The President also congratulated the Chairperson of the Universiry Council Professor John Okedi and team for their contribution in overseeing the operations of the University and guiding the management.

He further commended the management led by Professor Katunguka for stabilizing and developing the University.

“The teams of Katunguka, Okedi and Sebuwufu are the right teams to steer the University out of turbulence. Thank you for the job well done,” he said.

The President was pleased to note that the University had grown its programs in line with government’s strategy of providing the human capital to transform the country.

He also pointed out that Kyambogo has played a leading role in providing teacher education at all grades in the whole country. He said the NRM government had for the last 3 decades guided Ugandas’ successful journey in 3 areas of economic recovery, poverty eradication and socio-economic transformation of the people.

President Museveni later commended parents and guardians of the students for entrusting their children to the University and for paying their tuition fees.

“Thank you for making a wise investment in the education of your children,” he said. 

President Museveni however reminded students of the University that the facility is a place for studying not for rioting adding that it was a centre for learning, discussion, intellectuality and civilization but not a centre of bad manners.

The Minister of State for Higher Education Hon. Chrysostom Miyingo said the Ministry of Education will continue to mobilize resources to support Universities in the country.

The Chancellor of Kyambogo University Professor John Sebuwufu assured the President that the University will always endeavor to produce graduands who are capable of making a contribution to the development of the country. He on behalf of the staff thanked President Museveni and the government for the recent enhancement of their emoluments.

“These are people who are critical in innovations,” he said.

The Vice chancellor Professor Katunguka thanked the Minister of Education and Sports Mrs. Janet Museveni for guiding the management of the University. ENDS