President takes MPs –Elect through range Shooting Drills

Sunday, May 2, 2021

NALI, KYANKWANZI:  President Yoweri Museveni has today taken the NRM MPs-Elect through a shooting range drill as part of the closing day activities following a three weeks retreat at the National Leadership Institute (NALI) in Kyankwanzi district.

As is the practice at the end of every leaders retreat, the President takes leaders through target shooting drills after showing them the use of each part of the gun as part of demystifying it.

The exercise helps one to build strength and balance, hand and eye coordination and it also helps build self esteem, confidence and keeping alert. It also helps one to have sharp mental skills particularly in timing, physical positioning and control.

After his demonstration, the President watched as various MPs tried out the target shooting. 

The exercise that took place at the NALI shooting range field was overseen by Lt. Col. Godfrey Rwabujumbure Mwesigye the head of training at NALI, who said the training is important for all Ugandans and most Members of Parliament as part of their patriotic duty. He said it helps one identify a real gun from a toy and how to protect themselves incase of an attack. Lt. Col. Mwesigye added that most members of Parliament end up applying for licenses to own guns and training provides a basic knowledge on 

Who qualifies to handle a weapon and when to use it.