Press Statement on the Recent Anti Corruption Unit -State House Operations

Thursday, March 7, 2019

The Anti- Corruption Unit- State house was officially launched on 10th December 2018 by His Excellency the President of Uganda to effectively work and assist the already existing  anti corruption agencies namely the IGG, Office of the  Auditor General, Anti corruption Court, PPDA, Uganda Police among others. 

Following its launch, several cases have been reported to the unit through the available channels leading to a number of operations as seen over the past few months. 

Wakiso operation

On 20th December the Anti corruption Unit State House made an impromptu visit to the Wakiso land offices over allegations of corruption and five officials were arrested, these were 

•Mr. Mwanje Andrew, 

•Ms Doreen Mpumwire-data entry clerk, 

•Ms Katushabe Monica,

•Mr. Jaffery Bakalaze  

•Mr. Herbert Kavuma the senior physical planner who was arrested red-handed soliciting a bribe from a citizen.  

Tororo operations

On 17th January, the unit visited Tororo Municipality after a number of whistleblowers reported incidences of misappropriation of public funds and three officials were arrested.  These were,

•Mr. Akuma Muzamil -the Tororo Municipality town clerk,  

•Denis Okatch -Municipal Engineer 

•Mr. Etuku Ejolu Shadrack- Roads Inspector.

These were arraigned before the Anti-corruption court on 25th January 2019 and further investigations are still ongoing.

Arua operation

Subsequently, the unit visited Arua district on 13th February 2019, following allegations of financial mismanagement and other irregularities by the head teacher and bursar of Arua public Secondary school, mismanagement of over 436 Million meant for the construction of Mango road and Afra lane in Arua Municipality.  Those arrested in Arua include; 

•-Mr. Erejo Kamil Rajab - Municipality treasurer, 

•Mr. Kasajja Kayiru- former town clerk. These were charged in the Anti Corruption court with Abuse of office and conspiracy to defraud.  Others including the town engineer, procurement officer, internal auditor and storekeeper all recorded statements with police to aid in investigations.

Mbarara operation 

More recent, the unit visited Mbarara Municipality headquarters after receiving reports  of district leaders allocating public land and houses to themselves, misappropriation of over 360m meant for Koranorya road, abuse of office and attempted sell of Kakyeka stadium among others. Some of the district officials that were arrested and arraigned in court were, 

•Mr. Cuthbert Esoku- Chief Administrative Officer 

•Mr. Godlive Nayebare- Senior land Management officer, 

•Karuhanga Rosalia -The Human Resource officer and 

•Mr. Himbisa Emmanuel-Senior Land Management officer

In a follow up investigation on Mbarara, the acting town clerk Edward Lwanga and Mr. Richard Kalele the Municipality treasurer who were also arrested for misappropriation of over 90 million allegedly spent on Capacity Building. Member of Parliament Charles Ngabirano has also today been summoned at Police CID, Kibuli for interrogation.  Investigations are still ongoing with Mbarara Municipality. 

In addition to the major operations around the country, the unit on 19th February in Jinja arrested two URA officials, Mr. Hassan Miiro and Mr. Ferdinand Albaker Wamala for soliciting a bribe of 45million to help a business man dodge taxes worth 3 billion. These were arraigned in court on 27th February 2019 together with Ms. Namakula Sarah, clerk Chief Magistrate’s court at Nabweru who was arrested for soliciting a 2 million bribe to fast track the bail hearing of a suspect. 

It should be noted that all those that have been arraigned in court have been interdicted from their offices. The Unit continues to encourage the public to continue reporting all corruption related cases through our channels, toll free 0800202500, whatsapp-0778202500, Twitter-@AntiGraft_SH, Facebook- Anti Corruption Unit -State House Uganda and