Thursday, September 12, 2019


Ref. UNEB/24

September 12, 2019

Theme:  Integrity and Security in the Management of Examinations is my Responsibility

Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) is releasing the official timetables for the 2019 examinations that will start this October to early December 2019.  The registration of candidates has ended. The final information such as names of candidates, their index numbers and subjects for which they have registered has been sent to examination centres countrywide for final confirmation and verification by the candidates. The registration status of candidates can be established from the schools/ centres, or by using the link https://ereg.uneb.ac.ug/reg_status; or via SMS by typing the full index number and sending to 6600.  For centres that have not paid the full examination fees or for any student not registered, the status will reflect “not registered”.  Registration figures for the three examinations are given in the table below in terms of funding and gender (government and private).
(a)    By funding
Level    Funding    Male    Female    Total
PLE    UPE    230,420    245,432    475,852
    NON UPE    105,466    114,150    219,616
UCE    USE    76,636    67,495    144,131
    NON USE    91,839    101,410    193,249
UACE    UPOLET    12,972    6,385    19,357
    NON UPOLET    47,878    37,232    85,110
(b)    By Gender
Level    Male    Female    Total    2018    % increase
PLE    335, 886    359,582    695,468    671,988    3.4
UCE    168,474    168,906    337,365    336,770    0.2
UACE    60,850    43,619    104,467    99,662    4.8

I urge the parents and interested members of the public to check the registration status of their children when there is still time for UNEB to take remedial measures.
While the preparation process is in advanced stages, the actual engagement of the candidates will start on Friday, 11 October 2019 with the briefing of candidates for the Uganda Certificate Education (UCE). The UCE examination will go on until November 15, 2019 when the last examination for that level will be done.
Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) will take place from November 2, with the briefing of candidates, who will later sit their papers on November 4 and 5, 2019.
The Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) examination will commence on November 8, 2019 with a briefing session, and end on December 2, 2019.
Practical examinations which require visiting examiners will commence as soon as Term three starts.
A number of internal processes have been completed while the following activities involving other stakeholders will be carried out.
•    A one day seminar with all district and municipal inspectors of schools will be held on 19th September 2019 to discuss details of field management of PLE.
•    A series of seminars will be held across the country from  third week of September  to first week of October with area supervisors, heads of centres, invigilators and police officers to discuss the preparations, for and rules and regulations on the conduct of UCE and UACE examinations.
•    Training and deployment of scouts
•    Countrywide seminars will again be held to sensitise/train head teachers, supervisors, invigilators on the regulations on field conduct of PLE
UNEB would like to assure the nation that we are fully prepared and committed to conduct valid, reliable, equitable and quality assessment of learners’ achievements in a professional and innovative manner as stipulated within the regulations and policies of UNEB.  In the recent past, a section of the media has carried front page stories on purported sources of examination leakages from the UNEB Printing press.  The untrue stories have been based on speculations and fertile imagination of people who have very little knowledge on UNEB processes.
I wish to assure the nation further that the procedures and operations involved in producing examination papers from the UNEB printing press are not as casual as portrayed in the media but carried out under very high levels of security.  The security measures in place have been inspected and approved by the nation’s security agencies which are working with UNEB.  These measures are more than adequate to ensure that question papers cannot be leaked out from the printery.
Challenges that have recently emerged have been directly linked to breaches of trust by field personnel at storage stations.    The suspects have been arrested and publicly arraigned in courts of law.  The Board, working with all security agencies, will enhance security at the storage stations. My appeal is to all stakeholders and the general public to recognise examination malpractice as a serious vice and a form of corruption, and to support UNEB to fight it. Integrity and security of examinations must be everyone’s responsibility. 
We have the resources and resolve to tenaciously pursue anyone who will be associated with examination malpractice, be they teachers, supervisors, security officers or any other person.
Finally, as the country gets ready for this year’s final assessment of learners, we would like to reiterate our commitment as UNEB to conduct valid, reliable, equitable and quality assessment in accordance with our mission and core values.  As UNEB, we pay tribute to the teachers and parents who have done their best to support the learners to come this far. We wish all candidates success in the forthcoming 2019 examinations. May the good Lord grant them all good health, divine wisdom, quick understanding, and a strong memory. 
For God and My Country.

Dan N. Odongo

Media contact:
Jennifer Kalule-Musamba
Tel: +256 754 235 413; www.uneb.ac.ug; info@uneb.ac.ug