UPDF Intensifies War Against Locusts

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

10 Mar 2020

In a bid to eliminate locusts the UPDF last night intensified  spraying the deadly insects in three different Districts of Nabilatuk, Kapchorwa, Karenga and Nakapiripiriti leaving millions destroyed.

According to Col Ezra Byaruhanga the Commander of 407 Infantry Brigade, the exercise which started at 11pm last night achieved it's objective."Most of the locusts in this area have died and u can see them  under the tree so this drug is very effective."

Col Byaruhanga further explained the reason why the spraying starts at night saying that during that time the locusts are innactive and therefore do not fly as much as during day time.

Alinga Hellen the District Production and marketing officer Nabilatuk District local Government who witnessed the exercise applauded the UPDF for a commendable work done in fighting the locusts which had invaded the area of Lorachart

The army has hailed the locals in the affected areas for being so informative as much as  the UPDF is at the forefront of the fight. This has been both directly or through their leaders hence informing the UPDF commanders whenever they sight the destructive locusts in their areas.