Saturday, May 6, 2023

Market vendors have been urged to desist from politicking and focus on improving their livelihoods through engaging in productive activities.

The call was made on Friday by State House officials who had delivered President Yoweri Museveni's financial support to vendors who operate from kikoma (Wobulenzi), Dembe (Wobulenzi) and Wattuba (Matugga) roadside markets.

At least each of the 238 vendors received Shs100,000 as booster capital for their businesses. The beneficiaries mainly sell agricultural produce such as fruits and vegetables.

Princess Pauline Nassolo who led the team of officials from State House told vendors that President Museveni is a God given gift to Uganda who wishes well and cares for all citizens.

She revealed to them that the President was aware that they are yet to benefit from other government programs such as Parish Development Model (PDM) and Emyooga; that is why he decided to intervene by extending direct financial support to them.

"His Excellency doesn't want his people to be poor, he wants you to work and sustain your household incomes," Princess Nassolo said.

"Don't run around politicians because most of them want to use you for their personal gains and by the end of the day it's you who suffers when you have nothing to eat. Time for politics will come in 2026 but for now let us focus on working to better our lives, " she added.

Ms. Flora Kabibi also an Official from State House tasked the beneficiaries to utilize the booster package well in that they can grow their businesses and look after their families.

"As mothers of the nation we should ensure that we work hard to give good life to our families. Utilize this money well from our President as you wait to benefit from other poverty alleviation programs from government," Ms. Kabibi emphasized.

She also requested the vendors to groom their children into responsible citizens who will be able to add a brick on the development of the country.

" As parents we should also protect our children from the immoral acts such as homosexuality that are eating up our society," Ms. Kabibi asserted.

Mr. Juma Mukuye, the Chairperson of Kikoma Market commended President Museveni for extending financial booster packages to them. He promised that they will invest the booster wisely so that they grow and sustain their small businesses.

"I have now realized that President Museveni understands our needs as ordinary people. Most people here have little capital in their businesses but with this push, at least we are going to be able to increase our sales,"Mr. Mukuye stressed.

He also thanked the State House officials for being transparent and living by their promise.

"Thank you for delivering this package as promised, most officials don't deliver. The President doesn't know what he has done for us. Most vendors here are single mothers and widows who have responsibilities of looking after their families. This money will greatly help them in their businesses," Mr. Mukuye said, adding, "The President should also build for us modern market in Wobulenzi."

Ms. Christine Mpima, a vendor at kikoma Market also thanked President Museveni for supporting her business with a capital booster.

"I'm really very happy and I want to tell the President that we are with him come 2026,"she assured.

Ms. Jessica Namakula, tomato seller at Kikoma Market stated," Thank you our President for the money. I'm going to invest it into my business."

Ms Proscovia Nakku from Dembe Market also lauded President Museveni for the direct financial intervention.

"Now we have no reason why we shouldn't support our lovely President pakalast. Please you should not stop at this money only, keep on supporting our businesses through such initiatives."