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Jacob Zuma, Another sad End to a Heroic Era

Feb, 14, 18
Last year Zimbabwe’s long ruling President, Robert Gabriel Mugabe, 93, in power since 1980 was ousted by a creeping military coup for allegedly plotting to install his wife Grace as president, and other protégés in government. After brief, but intense negotiations, the army retreated fearing regional hostility, and instead gang-pressed the ZANU-PF party machinery to kick Mugabe out under a confidential deal.

There Goes Hapless Kizza Besigye Again

Jan. 11, 18
On Wednesday this week the World Bank issued its economic forecast on Sub-Saharan Africa in which Uganda’s GDP growth is projected at 5.5 percent this year, and 6.1 in 2019. It follows three earlier reports by Harvard University, International Monetary Fund (IMF), and Bank of Uganda all showing the same trend putting Uganda among the top ten performing economies. But the hapless political opposition in Uganda led by Kizza Besigye driven by ill will, won’t acknowledge this fact.