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Murchison falls National Park, Uganda’s spectacular Natural Wonder

Sometimes when foreigners visit our country and begin using all the superlatives to describe how Uganda is truly gifted by nature, we tend to think they are just being generous with words or they are just trying to appease those of us near them. Because we have never stepped out of our local environs to fully explore the beauty of this country we tend to fail to market our country both within and beyond our borders.   


Editors pepped into the ‘Devil’s Cauldron’ – the wide gorge into which the river Nile plunges with a thunderous roar. The impact creates a trademark rainbow at the northern end of the Albertine rift valley. I witnessed the spectacle on 24th June and I am here to tell the tale.

Refugee conference, A Great Week for Uganda

Two very well attended big conferences by heads of government held back-to-back in Kampala this week by President Yoweri Museveni, first on the protection and collaboration on the Nile basin, a great watershed feeding twelve countries, and then the solidarity summit for refugees residing in Uganda continue to demonstrate international confidence in Uganda’s leadership.

Good Governance; Uganda is on Right Track

May 30 2017
Governance includes the state, and private sector and civil society, all of which are critical in sustaining human development. The institutions of governance in the state, private sector and civil society must be designed to contribute to this goal by establishing the political, legal, economic and social framework for poverty reduction, job creation, environmental protection, and advancement of vulnerable groups.

Finance Ministry should get Tougher on Ministries

May 25, 17   
Early this week the World Bank Group announced it was resuming lending to the government of Uganda having suspended project funding last year citing poor loan absorption, performance, workers’ rights, environmental protection, and other governance related issues.In some instances some companies undertaking major infrastructural projects like roads and power dams were employing workers without giving them written contracts, or personal protective gears. The resumption is a vote of confidence in the some of the measures instituted.