NRM and Uganda will Triumph over conspirators

By Ofwono Opondo

Sept. 19. 18   

The raging debate and multi-pronged conspiracies against President Yoweri Museveni, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) revolution, and Uganda at large by internal forces that appear to be instigated, funded, and backed by foreign elements, will evaporate [dissipate] much faster than any political analyst may think. It appears that President Museveni and NRM’s main fault is having rejuvenated Uganda and lived long in government, and so, some discontented elements think they should lobby foreign interests to help them topple this stubborn revolution.
While the reforms that the NRM has undertaken over the last thirty years have created high expectations, many of which have not been fully met, the continuous stability and tranquility throughout Uganda should give hope that, there is some light beginning to shine at the end of a long political tunnel. Some of the new pseudo democrats who recently rose to fame, are trying, but in futility, to tap into this discontent among the unemployed youths. Kyadondo East MP, Robert Kyagulanyi a.k.a. Bobi Wine, the new symbol of that populism, is claiming that Ugandans are so poor to afford a decent living. While this may be true for a variety of reasons, we should tell Kyagulanyi, that it is the same ‘poor’ Ugandans who turn up in large numbers at his numerous music concerts where they give him millions of dollars in paid entrance fees.
Bobi Wine’s big talk of the so-called people power exposed itself during the last three weeks as a violent outfit who sought to saw mayhem around Kampala suburbs through arson to private and public property in the hope that if they drench us in blood, they will easily get their way. That violence was promptly and effectively neutralised. Again on Thursday, as he returned from his US sojourn, the much hyped procession of two million people to receive him at Entebbe airport appeared more as an empty bravado of an amateur overestimating his value, and banking on wild eggs to hatch for him.
President Museveni and NRM have brought Uganda into the global political limelight, shinning an example of a steadfast continental example, which worries internal traitors, quislings and negative foreigners that disguise as bonafide genuine pro-democracy groups. The only gain that NRM and President Museveni yearn for is creating an enduring political stability that engenders socio-economic transformation and inclusive prosperity for all Ugandans.
The many attempts by internal traitors working with foreign groups from the US and Western Europe to make Uganda look bad ought to exposed and defeated. Bad publicity isn’t just bad for NRM but for Uganda, and Ugandans of goodwill because it undermines our country as an investment, business, and tourism holiday destination. Just remember, that some people thought that they were making Uganda bad for Idi Amin or Milton Obote, but it is decades since the two passed on and yet Uganda’s bad image lingers on.
The ongoing actions of some opposition elements to infiltrate our national security apparatus to cause harm against Uganda, appropriately qualify for enemy actions, and should be treated as such.
There is credible information that the US and elements in EU, have approached and are attempting to infiltrate our police, army, prisons and intelligence services, as well as hiring local private security and investigation to help them gather evidence against Uganda’s leaders for possible prosecution or blackmail.  
If the opposition was taking aim at the NRM government using credible figures and not merely those conjured up and propaganda, our job would be very difficult, but instead they are proving themselves a big nuisance around the country for all Ugandans to see. The violent political behaviour they have chosen as a brand, will fail, unfortunately they seem not that Besigye is down in the gutters being swept by the wave to sidelines.
It is not too much, to ask elected political leaders like MPs and their supporters to respect police officers on duty, because they are there for our common good. In case aggrieved, there are established procedures to challenge highhanded or unlawful behaviours, rather than engage in physical confrontations. In the US and Europe that we admire, touching a police officer or mounting a physical challenge, can end one’s life. Yet, here police officers get punched in public view, but remain calm pleading with violent protestors.
The EU parliament acting on calculated misinformation didn’t even bother to formally ask government for its side of the story, and pasta resolution asking our courts to drop criminal charges against the quislings, yet they know that in many instances even in their own countries, the opposition is a desperate group that often engages on falsehoods and propaganda. But let them know that Uganda’s political question will not be answered in the EU parliament as Libya’s was decided by NATO. Ours will be answered in Uganda. They may attempt to split the NRM membership and support, but must be made aware that there is a silent majority in NRM angry that President Museveni and government have been so tolerant to allow indiscipline to grow to this level especially among opposition leaders.