Press Accreditation

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Section 29 (1) Press and Journalist Act 1995 Provides that;

No person being an employee of a foreign mass media organisation or working as a freelancer for that mass media shall practise journalism in Uganda unless he or she is in possession of an accreditation card issued by the council.

Section 29 (2) states that;

The accreditation card reffered to in his section shall be issued upon payment of fees and upon such terms as may be prescribed by the council.
The Media Council works hand in hand with Media Centre on matters of accreditation of foreign journalists. This therefore means that accreditation forms can be acquired from either Media Council or Media Centre offices.
There is however no harm if the journalists use either the Media Centre or the Media Council as their first point of contact.
Press accreditation process is considered complete at the Media Council offices after payment of the prescribed fees and issuance of an accreditation card.


(I) A letter from an employer to The Executive Director Uganda Media Centre/ Secretary Media Council stating the purpose of visit.
(II) Two-passport size photographs and a Scanned Copy of your Passport Can be attached physically or electronically.
(III) Form G is filled stating the particulars of the applicant. Download Form G from the Bottom of this Page

  1. On approval by the Secretary to the Media Council of Uganda,
  2. a fee of US$175 per person is paid for a period not exceeding 30 days of the journalist’s stay.
  3. a fee of US$225 per person is paid for a period beyond 30 days up to six months of stay.
  4. a fee of US$325 per person is paid for a period of two years. Refer to the Press and Journalist (Fees) Regulations, 2014.

After Filling Form G Send application to the email Addresses below and


or +256 312 226 125 +256 312 226 125

Benefits of Accreditation


Accreditation of foreign journalists:


helps them to access information by allowing participation in conferences, workshops, trainings and other gatherings or other official sources of public information; and

enhances the protection of their rights and enjoyment of privileges in the performance of their duties in the country; and

Eligibility for Accreditation

The following cadre of people is eligible for accreditation:

Journalists working in media enterprises

Freelance journalists

Students pursuing media, journalism and communication studies

Public Relations Practitioners

Advertising Companies

Media Trainers

APPLICATION FOR UGANDA VISA ONLINE                                               

The Government of Uganda has introduced the online visa application system with effect from 01 July 2016.  All persons intending to come to travel to Uganda are required to apply and obtain a visa online. Applications should be filled at the following link:

Uganda Drone Laws/UAVs

1. Drone Laws In Uganda
3. Commercial Uganda Drone Laws
4. Flying Drones In Uganda
5. Contact Information

General Uganda Drone Laws

Drones are currently banned from being imported to Uganda, however work is under way on new legislation that would allow drones to come in with certain conditions. Drones already in the country must be registered with the Uganda Aviation Authority, contact information for the Aviation Authority is listed at the bottom of this page. For those who already have drones in Uganda there are several Uganda Drone Laws and regulations that need to be followed when flying in the country. Operators must ensure that they follow the following laws when flying in Uganda,

    Do not fly your drone over people or crowds of people
    Respect other peoples privacy when flying your drone
    Do not fly your drone near military installations, power plants, or any other area that could cause concern among local authorities
    Do not fly your drone near airports or in areas were aircraft are operating
    You must fly during daylight hours and only fly in good weather conditions
Commercial Uganda Drone Laws

The same ban applies to drones for commercial use in Uganda, however for drones already in the country please adhere to the above Uganda Drone Laws when flying for commercial use in Uganda.
Contact Information 

Call: +256 414 352000