By Emma Were Belinda

Access to Education critical to National Development

Uganda’s education sector suffered devastation in the 1970’s owing to civil war and unrest that characterized the country at the time. School infrastructure was run down; man power was lost mainly due to brain drain, combined with neglect.  

Shortly after the NRM government came to power, reforms were suggested to revamp the education system and the programmes that the system came up with were mainly to address issues of access, equality and sustainability. 

Gains for women and Girls; a Journey well Covered

Women’s struggle for equality has been a long battle that still continues into the present day. All over the world, there is a natural order that places women in a different bubble from men. This of course disadvantages the woman, who ideally is supposed to be submissive to the man, be obedient and in some cases the woman is not allowed to make decisions that affect her livelihood.