Sunday, March 6, 2022

In December 1948, the CIA station in Munich West German linked up with a group calling itself the Supreme Council for the Liberation of Ukraine with the purpose of tasking its members to gather intelligence from behind the Soviet Iron curtain. The men were part of an underground movement among Soviet immigrants scattered in Europe after World war Two.

CIA files declassified in 2005, show that the US ran many secret operations but because Soviet Secret police had infiltrated CIA stations in Athens, Rome, London, Munich and Berlin, hundreds of agents sent on operations in Poland, Romania, Ukraine and Russia were promptly discovered and killed. The CIA believed that these men would be useful in future open conflicts with Russians including the long Cold war that ensued and led to the dissolution of USSR. 

The world is back to dog fights during the imperial wars of conquests in Europe, America and later when the US and allies dropped agents and armed fighters into the Soviet Union to gather intelligence, spread disinformation, undermine and disrupt governments. The unbridled propaganda and unanimity condemning Russia is meant to isolate President Vladimir Putin from the bulk of Russians including in the military, intelligence, politics and business.

While the final assault appears to be on, the Anglo-Saxon-Jewish alliance is hesitant to enter into direct fight with Russia at least for now because the domestic constituency is tired of unending wars coming on the back of Iraq and Afghanistan.  The cob of global deceit on all major platforms at the UN, EU, and media houses accompanying the Russia-Ukraine conflict now entering second week is shocking but isn’t surprising as truth has become the main casualty.

It’s hard to convincingly explain why Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy is being allowed the free pass to call on civilians and citizens from other countries to be armed and join the fight with Russia. By deploying civilian volunteers of irregular forces as human shield against the advancing Russian column of tanks, Zelenskyy is seeking to establish a savage war frontier so that he and allies can accuse Russia of indiscriminate massacre, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and possibly genocide, a trap many seem oblivious to. The call for foreign mercenaries is a short route to a protracted civil war that Zelesinkyy isn’t in position to know how it will unfold including the possibility of extremists, not excluding the much dreaded ISIS fighters from Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Chechnya, and Yemen seeking to settle scores.

The media is now a tool and platform for shaping domestic and world opinion to accept that the west is right, while Russia and Putin are the bad guys who must be eliminated if possible. Western journalists and media organizations have become the undisguised dogs of war shaping the psychological fronts reporting very alarmist devastating and higher human casualties than on the ground.

Joe Biden’s announcement this week to confiscate wealth and businesses of Russians dubbed ‘oligarchs’ without any due legal processes is jungle law that violates the sanctity of private property. It’s in line with its tradition of self-aggrandizement where the accuser is investigator, prosecutor, judge holding handcuffs, employed in its so-called contraband war yet US remains bastion for illicit drug trade and consumption.

Western proponents of free and independent media have journalists embedded within their military battle fronts, feeding them with scary information and narratives, yet shut down media outlets deemed sympathetic to Russia accusing them of spreading misinformation. During the Iraq and Afghanistan wars allied armies bombed media stations or hotels used by journalists considered unfriendly. 

The conflict has been framed as merely between Russian and Ukrainian militaries, while the intelligence, heavy military, logistical, financial, economic, diplomatic and political international support given to Ukraine are treated as sidebar issues yet are cornerstone. The same megaphones gleeful of ‘starvation’ in Cuba, N.Korea, Iran, and Afghanistan, imposed by the US and allies who don’t permit dropping off medical or food aid with ease, are crying for Ukrainians unable to sip beer. Groups who previously said sports events shouldn’t draged into politics have banned Russians and Belarusians from competition. In 2020 the US sanctioned ICC prosecutors for daring to investigate its personnel in Afghanistan and Palestine. 

It’s incredible that people who claim to have achieved what civilisation represents should descend on each other with ferocious destruction of things built to serve humanity and prosperity. Listening and watching western media propaganda, and sophisticated military tanks, planes, sea and airborne missiles being shipped into the conflict zone, subdues any intellectual justification.


They do this to each other, the presumed superior races, no wonder, they enjoyed slave trade and slavery, annihilated the indigenous peoples of Americas, and continue to strangulate Asians, Arabs and Africans without much contemplation. These sad events should teach Africans still on the continent to build an effective strategic centre of gravity for their own survival and prosperity. Native Americans, the ‘savages’ in a ‘civilised’ war, were allies of French colonists against British colonists between 1754-63 until they found out later, and abandoned the French.