“Use opportunities in UPDF, Develop your Career” – President to new Cadet Officers

Monday, July 29, 2019

President Yoweri Museveni and Commander-in-Chief of Uganda Armed Forces has commissioned 223 Officer Cadets who have successfully completed a one-year course at the Uganda Military Academy, Kabamba, in Mubende District. 

He told the Officer Cadets yesterday that by joining the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF), they had joined a force that is credible that also presents a lot of opportunities. He, therefore, advised them to use the skills and knowledge acquired during their one-year training and tap into the many opportunities available in the UPDF and develop their career.

The President who said that the UPDF was a force that was historically needed so as to bring Uganda back to order and save the country from disintegrations advised the young officers to be disciplined and develop themselves within the UPDF that he said was very professional.

“To be part of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces, is a great honour and you should not misuse this chance. There are many career opportunities in the Army that you should utilise them as you defend your country,” he said.

The President expressed optimism that as the economy continues to get better government will endeavour to put sufficient training and accommodation facilities for the Army adding that the Uganda Military Academy in Kabamba would be up-graded to offer 3-year courses equivalent to Bachelor Degrees. He warned parents and spouses of UPDF Officers to stop putting financial pressure on soldiers with many demands that, he observed, largely tend to compromise their performance and discipline at work.

“Stop burdening these Officers with many family demands and responsibilities because they lose concentration at work and sometimes lead them into corruption tendencies. Let them live within their means,” he advised.

He further advised the Officer Cadets to take time off and advise their parents and families in general to do away with subsistence way of life in favour of commercial farming in order to have enough produce for both food and income security.

The President used the occasion to announce that Government would use part of the oil proceeds to tarmac the road from Lusalila to Sembabule through Kabamba and Nkongi.

Deputy Chief of Defence Forces, Lt. Gen. Wilson Mbadi, congratulated the Officer Cadets upon successfully completing the course. He reminded them that they had joined the Uganda People’s Defence Forces when the country and the region was faced with new security challenges such as terrorism and trans-national crime. He, therefore, asked them to use the knowledge acquired during their training to make a contribution in securing the country. 

He also called on them to be ideologically alert and top in grasping the UPDF methods of work and put duty and the country beyond personal desires. He further urged them to exercise a lot of discipline and treat all people with the dignity they deserve. He called on them to be loyal to the country, the Commander-in-Chief, the UPDF and perform their duties with patriotism and integrity.